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Every day I will bless You, And I will praise Your name forever and ever. Psalm 145:2

We have enough time to seek the Lord, but we hardly do so. Thus, we miss out on wonderful things that we would get if we lived in His presence. Never forget Who life is. Amazingly, we haven´t given due value to the fact that we are far from problems and close to the Lord, the One who puts an end to our suffering. God is love and our Source of strength!

The Most High does not seek worshipers who have no reason to worship Him. This human weakness is the result of a fearful mind. God wants people to worship Him in spirit and in truth (John 4:24). How can anyone praise the Creator, if he has received nothing from Him? If a person spends all the time giving halleluiah, saying that he loves the Lord, but has not received anything from His presence, he is certainly not pleasing God.

Christians should stop being religious and simply practice the Word, as did Jacob, who prayed in such a way that the Most High sent an angel to fight with him. That night, Isaac’s son needed to solve a problem with God, or his brother would arrive with the 400 men and destroy Jacob and his entire family. So Jacob clung to the angel, not letting him go (Genesis 32: 24-32). Halleluiah!

We must act this way in our prayers. If we leave it for another day, the blessing may come late, and nothing else can be done. David always wanted to win, so he said he would bless the Lord day after day. Propose within yourself to be a good person, responsible before God for the blessings that mankind needs. Before the Father, offer yourself as an approved worker, with nothing to be ashamed of (2 Timothy 2:15).

David could say that he magnified the Lord continually, doing divine work at all times. With that, his problems were undone, as if nothing had happened; the clouds that announced a storm over his life would disappear. God never withholds any good from those who walk uprightly (Psalm 84:11b). So, start giving Him the right place, and you will glorify Him forever!

When good things happen in your life, don’t forget to praise the Name of Jesus. Without Him, we can do nothing. The enemy smells his own defeat and withdraws quietly. There is no place for him in your life. The Word will give you good times; just believe in it and receive all that is yours. After all, Jesus fulfilled His mission by dying on the cross, to bring salvation and other blessings.

God’s work begins very small in ones heart, like the seed of a plant, but, over time, it expands and increases in notes, which turn your life into a happy melody. How about assuming yourself in Christ and acting in His Name, rebuking the enemy’s works and living the truth? Many will mirror you and will also return to praise the Lord.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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O God! Your Name is beautiful and it thrills us to give You praise. You make us live in the strength of faith in Jesus, to set an example to the world that it is worth doing as You have determined. Thank You, Father!

At all times, we go through trials and are the target of temptations that come to defeat us. However, if we give way to You, leading people to love and serve You for seeing what you have done for us, we will be victorious.

We are Your servants, ready to do what pleases You, using the power of Your Name at all times. As You strengthen us, we can do all things. We want to see the fulfillment of Your promises. It's good to count on You!


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