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Blessed shall be the fruit of your body, the produce of your ground and the increase of your herds, the increase of your cattle and the offspring of your flocks. Deuteronomy 28:4

After saying that His blessings would be upon the people that listened attentively to the Word, the Almighty gave us understanding and said this would occur in all situations that were in the interest of those who love Him – keep His statutes.  As He enumerated some of the activities in the field, He showed the importance of man listening to His voice, believing in Him and claiming the fulfillment of His promises.  Halleluiah!

Let us examine the behavior of Jacob who was God-fearing and was not taken in by the cunning of his father-in-law Laban.  The servant of the Almighty used divine wisdom to prosper.  Jacob was blessed, because our Savior came from Judah.  Even after his wages were altered ten times by Laban, Jacob always grew richer, because he obeyed and served the Lord. 

Jacob took care of the livestock of his father-in-law and his wages were pegged according to the color of the sheep that were born: spotted, striped and black.  As he saw that they were born spotted, Laban changed to the striped and only striped were born; then he changed to the spotted and they were born spotted.  Likewise occurred with the sprinkled, leading him to despair because his treachery made him a loser (Genesis 31:7-12).

If you breed and raise livestock – cattle, horses, chicken and others – know that the promise includes this activity and any other that is honestly undertaken.  The Lord will fulfill His promise in the life of the believer.  He did this with Jacob, who trusted Him.  Conducting his life in this manner his herd multiplied and grew.  Those sheep bred younglings according to his wage.

Another example can be seen in Joseph, who brought the lesson that we must not commit ourselves to error, but to the Word. As a slave in Egypt he could have fallen into the trap of Potiphar’s wife.  However, remaining faithful to God he became like a prime-minister in the world’s greatest nation. 

Isaac almost lost his wife to Abimelech, king of Gerar.  When the king saw how Isaac dealt with her, he realized she was his wife and not his sister, as Isaac had told him. The fear of the Lord overtook the king and after talking to the son of Abraham he ordained that no one should harass her.  Isaac seeded and planted that same year and for each seed that was planted he reaped one hundred times more (Genesis 26:6-12).  God works on what He promises. 

Today, the promise concerns any field of work that you are involved in.  Don’t stop believing in each and every word of what God says for He never lies (Numbers 23:19).  As for man, depending on what he does he will not honor his word that changes at any moment.  The gifts that are in the Bible are addressed to you.  Therefore, believe! Then you will see the glory of the Father.

The Israelite had only one thing to do: believe in the Word of the Lord.  No matter how difficult the circumstances seemed to be, they should never look at the presentations of the devil. They would have no crises if they continued to believe in God. Conducting their lives accordingly they would endure any storm. God is faithful!

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord! Everything concerning us would be a blessing and nobody would complain about You.  However, many in church live without Your presence in their lives. Help us to feed them with the Bread of victory!

The fruit of the womb, from the land or the animals is always welcome, powerful and ready to testify to Your care for us.  However, today many suffer as they are led by the deceptions and lies of the enemy.  What will they do if they do not have the necessary light?

We want to live before You with a clean conscience without fear and oppression from any work of darkness.  Salvation conquered by Jesus is real; therefore we must believe that our position is best only in Him.  We love You!


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