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13/06/2020 - BOTH BAPTISMS

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I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance, but He who is coming after me is mightier than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.  Mathew 3:11

In this lesson, we conclude a series of ten messages about John the Baptist sent as the forerunner of the Savior. Later, when we feel God, we will learn more from this man, who said: It is necessary for him to grow and to decrease (John 3:30). The light of the Lord on him enabled him to draw multitudes into the wilderness. Then he would bring those who believed to the Jordan River to baptize them.

Of the born of woman John was the most important; However, we do not have to praise it. As God’s servant, He did exactly what He should, and so should we. This is the time to fulfill the plan of the Most High. Anyone who is rebellious will find out one day that took the wrong road. Let this happen before leaving for eternity, because repentance only exists here and before Jesus returns. Be watchful and pray for you not to enter into temptation. You are part of the Lord’s purpose.

The most powerful than John came and taught us to obey God. Whoever is wise should search the Scriptures. No doubt they talk about us. Never fail to follow Heavenly Father’s directions. Being omniscient, what He guides us is the Truth. The Lord will not shy away from giving us the good and necessary counsel.

Water baptism is part of the salvation process, being an act after we repent of our transgressions. In it we bury the old man, and we are stripped of the body of flesh and sin, and obtain the remission of sins. Moreover, our heart is circumcised, and we go out of the water to walk in new life. He who does not have this experience will lose many blessings and cannot avoid the operations of the evil kingdom.

Already baptism in the Holy Spirit is the crown of salvation, when we are anointed with the Spirit and power, enabling us to do the same works of Jesus. Without that virtue, we will not enjoy what was freely given to us, and the devil will fight to get us out of the way of the Lord. Anyone who has accepted Christ as Savior should seek this covering.

With this baptism, the saved person enters an atmosphere of capacity that he never thought possible to dwell in. Speaking in the language of angels, he builds himself and intercedes for known people and those who would never listen to God if he had not been used to break the chains that oppress them. Being firm and Spirit-filled, you will see that the authority of Jesus will be in your being as well.

We are directed to be imitators of Christ as beloved children. Therefore, we must seek and receive baptism in the Holy Spirit, promised and given to all who have accepted the Son of God as Savior. To the eternal God be all glory! What will your attitude be?

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord of the two baptisms! Thank you for the gift of repentance, which brings us out of error and into your arms, where we can live safely by your side. We always want to be with You and live in peace and security.

In water baptism we bury the old man and are delivered from the body of sin and flesh. Yours is the right to do to us what you desire - according to your heart. The circumcision of the heart marks us as Yours.

We left the waters to live in newness of life. With baptism in the Holy Spirit, the phases of salvation are completed, and then we can honor You. Father, baptize with Your Spirit and with fire the new converts. Amen!


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