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But you, beloved, building yourselves up on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit, Jude 1.20

We are loved by the Lord, for though sin has corrupted our nature, the Father has devised a perfect plan that has set us free from evil captivity. Now we need to build ourselves as God’s House. The saved cannot continue simply as temple assistants; they must become doers of the Word, participating in all the activities of the church.

We were harmed badly by the fall of Adam, but divine grace – unmerited favor – and the consequent action of the Most High upon our lives outweighed the damage. Today there is more to God for us than we have ever heard of. Therefore, without searching the Scriptures, we will never do the heavenly will. The Lord will give all that is recorded in the Holy Book to His people if they claim it.

Jesus’ cry at Calvary will continue to echo in the spirit world until His return, when He will take us to Heaven, His home. If all has been accomplished (Jn 19:30), no work remains to be done. Therefore, no matter how much man devises formulas to break free from the clutches of the enemy, he will never improve a millimeter with his “discoveries.” Believing in the Scriptures is the secret!

We receive the faith to be connected to God at all times and places. This faith makes the impossible possible and things can happen, takes away your guilt and destroys evil. Living grounded in the certainty of things hoped for is the only way to overcome the realm of evil. By acting on this foundation, you please the heavenly Father completely.

We have a great mission: to build on the most holy faith which has been given us by listening to the Word. Faith has been given us to live like Christ. It is unacceptable before men and God that a saved man should not change his worldly ways so that people will see that he walks as the Most High desires.

We have to pray to the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, for He keeps us from the evil one, reveals the Bible to us, and tells us what to do and where and how to represent the Lord. Seek intimacy with the Word by meditating on what catches your eye, and you will be successful. God is the Friend of whom He is His true friend and keeps His precepts.

He who prays in the Holy Spirit acts in the same way that Jesus acted, because he is directed like Him. The saved who consecrates himself to God becomes His witness. He who conducts himself according to divine will, will undoubtedly be rewarded at the return of Jesus (Luke 12:43).

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Oh God! We need Your help to be built in Christ. We do not want to live far from Your Son. Even if we belong to Him, if we do not live in Him and He in us, we will lose Your operations.

Because we are vulnerable to temptation, we end up distancing ourselves from You, Your Spirit, and Your will, and that's terrible. Look at us and see our needs. May You help us in this!

When Jesus returns, we want to be in Him so that we do not lose the opportunity for Him to accompany us for ever and ever. Then, in the twinkling of an eye, Your hands will always take us where you wish.


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