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Therefore, though I might be very bold in Christ to command you what is fitting, Philemon 1.8

Every saved person must learn that there are limits in making friends with people, lest there be inconvenience. Jesus guided us, saying: Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets (Matthew 7.12). Never abuse someone’s kindness; thus, they will not be upset with you. We are judged by what we say and do. Watch and pray!

If you arrive at a brother’s house at mealtime, for example, make an excuse and don’t accept the last-minute invitation. Good manners should guide you to never show up at such a time. But if you happen to arrive at that time, say goodbye politely, because you certainly weren’t expected. Be reasonable!

Also, don’t schedule visits near the usual meal hours, so that you and your companions are not seen as people who take advantage of the good will of others. The Bible teaches us good manners: Seldom set foot in your neighbor’s house, lest he become weary of you and hate you (Proverbs 25.17). Reminding ourselves that we should want for others what we want for ourselves solves everything.

Paul had brought Philemon to Jesus, so he said that he had great confidence in Christ to give him some helpful commandments, but would not go that way. Although we have done what is necessary, we can never and should never abuse the choices of those we led to salvation. Now, the Lord can give us any mission, yet He respects our power of decision, the so-called free will, letting us decide to do good or not to do good to ourselves.

God does not force us to do anything, not even the decision to accept salvation in Christ, but He insists that we know how much we will suffer for ever and ever if we do not do the right thing. Not to abuse of someone’s kindness is a wise attitude; after all, our right ends when the other’s begins. What pleases God the most is not the good offerings or the song that we sing even without inspiration, but the heart submissive to His will (Psalm 51.17). Believe!

You need to increase your trust in the Most High. This way, trials regarding the unknown will not terrify you. God’s children should be bold like a lion, not afraid of the enemy’s threat (Proverbs 28.1). You can’t identify yourself as a child of the Lord and live in fear of what might happen to you. Those who trust the Father don’t run away from the news spread by the devil, but rather spread the Good News of Christ.

The saved need to take their place in the Lord, like Solomon, who sat on the throne succeeding his father, King David (1 Kings 1.46). The Lord made you to reign (Revelation 5.10). You will not get very far in your faith in Christ by letting fear take over your heart. Truly, we have been made priests and kings for our God, so we must occupy both of these positions.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares


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God, our Shield and Deliverer! We want to be that kind of person who has great trust in You. As Jesus said, in the world we have afflictions, and the only way not to give way to them, is to sit on Your throne, in Christ.

When the enemy arises, the first thing he does is threaten us. But if we are in You, the evil one, who is destined for the lake of fire and brimstone, will never touch us. We are grateful for the power You have given us in the baptism of the Holy Spirit. We are part of You!

We are to rebuke the evils that, unfortunately, oppress and hurt many of our brothers and sisters. For this reason, we need to be in You, or we will not have the authority to do the same work done by Your Son. Help us, beloved Father!



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