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“And now, O priests, this commandment is for you. Malachi 2:1

The second chapter of the book of Malachi was directed to every Christian desiring to be a conqueror in his double ministry (Rev. 5:9-10) to honor the Lord. We will have ten straight messages from this chapter that will greatly help you in your walk with God. He who allows himself to be led by the Holy Spirit will succeed. It is good to be in full communion with the Most High. So even your enemies will want peace with you, and that comes from divine will.

After salvation, we learn that Jesus made members of His Body, His Church, kings, and priests to God. But to cease to be sovereign in your domain is to deny the Truth. Then learn to act right every moment in the face of temptation by following the revelation of the Word. Never have in your “record” and heart any disapproval. Whoever believes in Jesus must do the works He has done!

Of course, being king in your “lands” is very good; But being a bad priest is a great mistake. Now we have the opportunity to stand 24 hours a day before the One who has all power in heaven and on earth. The Lord has called us to be His partners in the wonders wrought by Him in the world. You are authority in all that concerns you; therefore, walk with God always. Get ready!

Malachi tips are ideal for fulfilling our mission with excellence. To do this we must strive to understand and use them. By doing so, we will succeed in whatever we get our hands on. The Lord expects us to walk according to the commandments He has given us, to reach the end of the road with the certainty that we have done our duty. Behind a successful list, there is total obedience!

The Almighty warns: Because I, the Lord, do not change (Mal. 3: 6), and this is the certainty that we will not be abandoned by Him. The trials we go through prepare us for greater battles, which, sooner than we think. , get to. Now, in no combat should we accept to be defeated. The believer only needs to let the Most High strengthen him, help him and sustain him. In fact, the Lord accompanies us so as not to let us suffer any harm.

The Christian must follow the directions of Scripture, which do not allow him to give up fighting. What most saddens the heavenly Father is to see a child of His yield to the threats of the enemy. If the battle becomes difficult, it should not scare us. As long as the Lord is directing our steps, why do we understand what happens on the walk? He is God all the time!

With the map in hand, we will come to a good end. The Lord does what He promises; Just resist the fear or the other trick of the devil. We must behave well at the beginning, middle and end of the war. Whoever puts faith aside and does what he thinks is right will regret it. The Omniscient will always know how to act. Believe, pray and live!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Our Commander and Friend! We must follow Your guidance, believing what you say. You have foreknowledge and are good in His deeds. Our victory is guaranteed from the beginning of the walk with Christ to the end without any chance of defeat.

We are Your priests, so we need to seek Your face to have Your directions in the battles fought in Your Name. We just want to please You by fighting properly. Thank you for your love!

It gives each of us the safe instruction and the certainty that if we follow, we will win out. From now on, it is only success and glory that we yield to You for Your wonders. We are grateful for our salvation! Amen!


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