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I know all the birds of the mountains, and the wild beasts of the field are Mine. Psalm 50.11

The Lord’s riches are immeasurable. He owns all the birds around the world and knows them one by one, and not one of them falls without His permission. He also knows the leaves on the trees and takes note of those that fall to the ground. The heavenly Father knows how many hairs you have on your head (Matthew 10.29,30). He also says that he is the Father of those who believe in Jesus (John 1.12). Wonderful is our God!

In the Old Testament it was common to sacrifice animals to cover with their blood all the sin committed by the people, and thus, it was like waiting for the Day of the Lord. When Jesus was vivified, He took the message of freedom to those who were waiting for the Good News (1 Peter 4.6; Ephesians 4.8-10). Then, no more sins would be covered, because all people could be washed in the blood of Christ and be in the presence of God. Imagine the joy that many felt when they saw Jesus! What a beautiful day!

The practice of using the blood of animals no longer makes sense, because the Lamb of God was slain on Calvary. People can be forgiven for their misdeeds at any time. The Bible reveals three ways that we can overcome Hell: And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death (Revelation 12.11). We have to be the Lord’s witnesses, and nothing will stop us!

Those who had their sins covered awaited the sacrifice of the holy Lamb, who would pay for the iniquities of men. While that day did not come, the living sacrificed animals to cover themselves with the spilled blood. It was a kind of down payment to act as God’s servants. Today, no sacrifice is necessary for us to breathe freedom. After all, whoever believes in Jesus and receives Him as Savior – is washed in His blood.

In this hope were the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, as well as the prophets, priests and kings who believed in the Lord. None had entered the Glory, for they awaited the moment when their transgressions would be forgiven and they would be cleansed of every stain. The time had come, then, for the Master to overcome the authorities of Hell and, stripping them of the power stolen from Adam, enter where His own were waiting for the wonderful news.

Through His death, Christ crossed the chasm that separated the dead, who believed in God, from the lost, who did not get right with the Lord in life (Luke 16.10-26). Let us remember that Jesus went into the devil’s kingdom when he was still separated from the Father and alone did the work of salvation (Colossians 2.15). So, when He passed to the other side, He gave the Good News to those who were waiting for redemption. These soon followed Him, never to turn back. Today, whoever accepts Him as Savior goes straight to Heaven (John 5.24).

There is no more sacrifice left for the remission of sin, because Jesus’ death was sufficient to gives eternal salvation to whoever believes in Him. Such a person passes from death to life and will not enter into condemnation. Every saved person becomes a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven and instantly, a member of the Body of Christ. Do you want to be saved? Make the decision now!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord, we have the blessed Savior! You have fulfilled Your promises to Your servants. Father, can you imagine the joy of David, Your warrior of the most difficult and dangerous wars, who won them all, and now sees You as the Redeemer!

Your second coming will be a beautiful day! You will return in all Your glory, and every eye will see You. It will be the day of our eternal redemption, for there will be no battles to fight. We will hear the invitation and enter Your eternal Kingdom!

We thank You for keeping us from temptation. By believing in You, we will be free from the mouth of the false lion, which surrounds us all the time. What a loving God and Father You are! Your love for us is beautiful. Help us to snatch many from the eternal flame!


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