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You who laid the foundations of the earth, so that it should not be moved forever, Psalms 104:5

Everything that exists in our world was planned in a complete way by the one and true God. Both the living beings we can see with our own eyes and things that can only be seen in a microscope. Each one of them was made just like human beings, perfectly and with a purpose. The Lord keeps them all in a way man will never be able to imitate. The works of the Most High are exquisite.

This is the Creator’s project, who in an amazing and wonderful way, thought about the smallest and most varied details regarding all beings on the planet. All are firm and well placed in their spots, so they will never fall. God didn’t save His power or capacity, but He was careful enough so that all their necessities were met and renewed according to use, including in moments of emergency.

All of life was idealized by the Lord, but as sin entered the world, all things became corrupt. What we see in nature now is each one minding their own survival. But God is amazing in all He does. We see that as He constituted the Universe, made of uncountable stars, and our planet, made of so many different species.

Nothing escapes divine foreknowledge. The Father knows all things, from climatic balance – for maintenance of life on Earth – until nations politics. No creature escapes from the eyes of God; after all, they were all made in Him, by Him and for Him (John 1:3). Those who reject Him suffer great loss here, and will suffer much more in eternity.

God laughs at men who are in a position of leadership and the little power they have. It is nothing compared to the power of the Lord. They become proud, thinking they have strength to face their problems. Some even challenge the Creator; the only reason they’re not destroyed is because He is gentle and humble in heart. God desires that all would come to the full knowledge of truth and live with Him.

The Lord knows that, although we’ve been saved, we are still imperfect. The apostle Paul said: For what I am doing, I do not understand. For what I will to do, that I do not practice; but what I hate, that I do (Romans 7:15). Intuitively, everyone knows there is a Creator, and absolute God. It is because of Him that we are not destroyed by the forces of darkness. But, unfortunately, many are still rebels regarding the divine plan. Lord have mercy!

Don’t condemn yourself! If you walked astray, just repent and correct the way you live. Without a doubt, God will lead you to repentance and concede forgiveness. His will is that we’d come to know the Truth as it is: absolute. It is Jesus! People will then have the opportunity to listen to the Truth and understand the Truth. What a glory!

In Christ, with love,

Dr. Soares

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God, perfect architect! You made a being in Your own image and likeness, and You made him so he’d dominate over all of creation, Adam’s sin went against Your plans, but didn’t stop You from providing a way out!

This is it: Your first born Son went to the cross and paid the price of our redemption. Now we just need wisdom to tell others that nothing separates us from You, and they can also receive salvation.

Creation won’t fail, because the foundation was built by You. We can rest assured; even if the earth and seas are unsettled, You are our mighty fortress, You will never be shaken! We are anxiously awaiting Your return, Jesus. Amen!


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and Serug lived after he begat Nahor two hundred years, and begat sons and daughters.
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