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His mouth is full of cursing and deceit and oppression; Under his tongue is trouble and iniquity. Psalms 10:7

A good human being is a reflection of God in us, His image and likeness. This causes other individuals to rejoice and praise the Lord. That is a great thing, because in a world full of selfishness, to find someone who isn’t like the lost ones is very rare. However, to give man the glory for proceeding in such a way is unfair, because goodness doesn’t come from us, it’s a gift from God (Luke 18:19).

Evil people are seen with reservations even by those who walk with them, because although these people are acting wrongly, they don’t desire evil for themselves. You can identify a merciless person by the way they dress. Those who dress inappropriately are searching for people who will be captivated by their provocative way. That’s how the wicked proceed. But whatever we don’t want for ourselves, we shouldn’t offer to others.

A slanderous mouth is full of plagues and other words that condemn the innocent and absolve the guilty. At all times, the wicked are evil; after all, they live in the hands of the accuser. They don’t realize how much they make those who intercede to God on their behalf suffer. The most foolish people are those who have been delivered but walked astray. The demon that was dominating them will come back to its old house with seven worse demons (Luke 11:24-26).

Masked people are great at deceiving. They are capable of smiling, but behind that apparent satisfaction, there is great deceit. When they need something in return, they are ready to be gentle and give others attention. However, at the same time, they feel hatred for those who become their friends. They are wicked in the morning and at night, and that’s why no one can extract anything good from them, even if they say they know the doctrine of the Gospel of Christ.

A wicked man examines you to find out your weak spots. He speaks to you with his evil plans on the tip of the tongue. His gestures and, sometimes, his tears are nothing but tricks. He is astute enough to extract from you what he wants; he pretends to be a victim but he is a liar. He never has compassion on those who help him, because that’s how life is, in his opinion. Walk away from him, brethren!

People with an evil character are malicious, and that dominates their lives. Their ability of walking in malignancy is such that they fall out of reason. Even their relatives are victims of their perverse instinct. They have such a capacity of fooling others that surprises even those who avoid that kind of people. The wicked fakes his evil intentions with moving tears.

Don’t be around those who are uncircumcised in their hearts, because the king of evilness inhabits their hearts. For that reason, these people can do unimaginable things. They live to be used by the forces of darkness, and no matter the age or whoever it is, they will go and destroy. Only through faith we are immune to these people. God is faithful and will help you escape them!

In Christ, with love,

Dr. Soares

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Omniscient Lord! How can there be people who talk bad about others and cast plagues upon the weak in spirit, fooling them? Why don’t they live in piety, rescuing the less favored?

Besides the terrible words they say, the wicked seek to harm those they don’t know. To fulfill their wicked desires, they curse those who don’t participate in their group of friends, because what’s commanding their lives is the head of lies and hatred.

Free us from those who murmur against the innocent ones, from the astute who distill evil. We don’t want to follow their ways or live around them, because their evil and heavy tongues are full of lies. 


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