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Then you shall know that I have sent this commandment to you, That My covenant with Levi may continue,” Says the LORD of hosts. Malachi 2:4

With the coming of the Counselor, humanity has entered a new phase. One has only to hear a little of the Scriptures for an awakening to occur in their spiritual life. This readiness to pay attention to God will change anyone around her, seeing her speak and act differently. In a short time, hearing of the Lord’s wonders at home, others will be interested in the Message of Jesus.

When the Spirit of God speaks, you feel as if something is burning within you. From the feeling that you have found the Truth will come the certainty that the problem has been solved. The heart of man asks for more of this “medicine,” for what he received did him good. Using the guidance of the Holy Spirit and believing in the Lord’s great operations in our midst are the most right attitudes to evangelize. Now that’s what happened in the ministry of Jesus.

Knowing the Lord’s will, you have two ways to go: the narrow door and the wide door. At the narrow door, the passage is tight, but as you strive to get through it, all that is useless is behind you. In the beginning, the beginning is without problems, because there seems to be no price to pay, and that pleases a dirty soul. But then comes the bill, and the person is amazed, saying that he seemed to have found paradise, but it will end in perdition.

The work of the Holy Spirit is done with absolute faithfulness, because the Most High does not want you to be lost. That is why only the Spirit of God can be used for such a work. See what bothers you, make a list, and present it to your Father. Commit to attend a good church at least once a week and work hard not to break that vow. In a few days, you will see your life change and you will be amazed.

The Lord’s covenant today is no longer Levi’s, but His Son’s. In order to become the Savior, Jesus paid a very heavy bill, suffering our transgressions and diseases. Nothing else needs to be paid by Him or by us. Therefore, we can and should be strong and determined to demand that Satan and his demons cease to attack us. One determination is enough, and the work will be done.

The proof that you are being guided by the Holy Spirit is the certainty in your heart. When He works, He lets you know that it occurs in your spirit. Then comes the gift of repentance and the confession of sins. As you say yes to the Lord, comes the joy of seeing that He lives in you. Believe and be delivered from evil at this time and forever. Tell the Lord, “I receive You as my Savior!”

For the provisional covenant to stand firm, God sent the commandment. Now, for salvation to reach your life, the Lord comes and does the work in your being. After accepting Jesus as your Savior, be unshaken in Scripture. It is impossible for the Father to lie! Whoever believes sees the glory of God!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Author and Consummer of our faith! It is very important when your Spirit begins to bother us through our life of mistakes. At this time we can get rid of evil and be saved.

We are grateful for your patience with us. How many times we pretend not to hear your voice! But you come again and warn us. Help us understand Your first touch. That way we can get rid of the forces of darkness.

Jesus did everything for us. Now we just need to recognize and confess that without You we are nothing. However, being saved and filled with Your Spirit, we live according to Your Word. We need to teach the Truth to the lost. Amen!


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