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01/11/2023 - CONFIRMED BY LORD

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So the water remains healed to this day, according to the word of Elisha which he spoke.  2 Kings 2.22

When the biblical conditions are met, the words of the Lord are fulfilled without delay. But without the fear of God in the people who are to participate in the miracle, nothing will be done. The saved cannot live in negativity, thinking that nothing will work out and justice will never be done to them. Now, that is what the devil spreads to the four corners of the world. Now, when one decides to make a difference, the power of the Most High soon accomplishes what was promised.

Without putting faith into action, it is impossible to please God. He is only pleased with what comes from the heart. Speaking something out of your mouth will get you nowhere. The important thing is that your word goes out with the assurance that floods your inner being. No one who has accepted the Father’s revelation will be in need or fail to see the divine power fulfill the Scriptures. God is good in everything!

The healing of the waters of Jericho continues to this day – some 2,850 years have passed since Joshua’s curse. The healing of your disease must be permanent, but the devil will do everything to bring the symptoms back, so that you will disbelieve the work God has done. Without faith, you will confess that you do not understand how He has not healed you completely. Let go of fear and the other lies of the devil and enjoy life with confidence and holiness.

Before the problem manifests itself, the Lord has already provided the means for you to act as He would in your place. These resources are provided in the Bible. As you use them, know that they are powerful indeed. Face the evil that besets you without moving an inch from your position in Christ Jesus. Why allow yourself to be used by the evil one if the promises made to you will be confirmed by the Almighty, who does not tremble and fears nothing?

Jesus has already walked the path you need to walk to become victorious and has cleared it. Thus, you will never trip over any stone, because God wants you to be victorious always (2 Corinthians 2:14). Your victory is like a prize to the Most High, so never give up. Even if a thousand demons say there is no way you can triumph, laugh at them. Your success is sealed, confirmed and delivered in your soul. When the urge to backslide comes, stand firm on the Word and press on (Hebrews 10:38).

God’s message given to the prophet was repeated by Elisha, who solved the problem brought about by the curse uttered by Joshua. In doing so, the prophet closed the door to that torment. When you rebuke evil, do it in the Name of Jesus and believe that the door has been closed to the evil one and the door of blessing has been opened to those who identify themselves as faithful to God. We have the power to turn anything on or off (Matthew 16.19).

Fulfill the biblical command to commit your way to the Lord (Psalm 37:5), and you will be set free. The evil force will no longer be able to act against your life. Elisha was no different from us, but he was answered by heavenly power, which confirmed his words, because he walked according to the Scriptures. The Word of faith must guide your determinations!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of Truth! Your Word is the Truth, thus, we must believe to see Your wonders. We behold Your revelation through the eyes of faith and what the Bible shows us. As we understand Your purpose, we will come out of the crisis!

Your servant's prayer is a model for us. We cannot receive a blessing and the next day have the same symptoms of the ailment that afflicted us. You are our example! Your Son commanded the demon that plagued the young man with convulsions to come out of him and not come back!

Elisha spoke as You said, Jesus did as You showed, and the demon obeyed. By Your Name, we have seen unclean spirits come out when Your Name is invoked by us. Steadfast in that Name, we stand before You. We are grateful, Father!


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