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Nevertheless you would not go up, but rebelled against the command of the LORD your God. Deuteronomy 1.26

Rebellion is proof that a person doesn’t truly love the Lord. When a command from On High displeases them, they easily disregard it out of pure whim. Now, no servant has the right to disagree with his master, and our God is the One who created all things from nothing by the power of His Word. To set aside any of His commands is like not trusting what He says. Woe to him who thinks like that; he will be lost forever.

The Most High was clear when He sent the Israelites up the mountain of the Amorites to take possession of the Promised Land. However, because they didn’t love God – to have and to keep His commandments – they invented the story of sending spies to check if the land was good, to know which way to go and how to occupy that territory. Let the Lord plan, for everything will come out as He declares. Regardless of the trial, persevere to the end.

If you disregard any divine command, you will be telling the Most High that He must be examined, because He may have deceived you. Never allow the slightest negative thoughts to take control of your decisions. Tie them up and set out to assert your rights in Christ. God never lies, for He is the Truth. Trust His guidance and be happy. He is faithful!

The Lord only speaks something if it is completely correct. Moreover, He fulfills everything that comes out of His lips. Jesus stated: Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away (Matthew 24.35). God would have the Amorites flee in despair at the arrival of the Israelites, but unfortunately, the fear of ten of the twelve spies led the Hebrew people to murmur. Watch and pray!

Act on the orders of the Almighty, because He does what He promises. As you understand the Scriptures’ directives concerning you, strive to fulfill them. You will receive the reward of bringing them into existence. This is our part in the process of receiving blessings, and, by the way – it is the easiest of all. God and His Word are one (John 10.30). Believe and be blessed!

Before giving the commandments to the disciples, the Master warned them that He had received all power in Heaven and on Earth, and commanded them to go into the world preaching the Gospel (Matthew 28.18,19). However, those who go against His command, because of what they may suffer in strange lands, show that they do not trust God enough. By obeying the command of our Commander, no evil will await us. However, by running away from problems, we get involved in bigger and worse ones.

The right thing is to go to the end (Matthew 24.13), without paying attention to the devil’s speech. We will certainly succeed in all missions given by Him. Therefore, use the power that He gives to those who obey Him. We are the agents of the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth. God is good! 

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, supreme Commander! We want to act differently from the Israelites, who feared the hostile reception of the Amorites, even though they knew that You would go ahead of them to prepare the occupation of that region. Then the other nations would also flee!

When a man decides to say no to You, he is giving in to the enemy's plans. Now, the enemy wanted at all costs to see Israel away from that territory he had been commanding for a long time. Therefore, he threatened the heads of the tribes, and they created the figure of the spies. Mercy!

Wherever You send us, we will go in the Name of Jesus, with faith and willingness to set an example of obedience to You. We wont create means to flee from Your commandment. If we fulfill it, we will be in the position of obedient children. We desire to follow You!


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