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And the prophet came to the king of Israel and said to him, “Go, strengthen yourself; take note, and see what you should do, for in the spring of the year the king of Syria will come up against you.” 1 Kings 20:22

In short, the prophet described what would happen in a year, and this was done so that Israel would get rid of its opponents. Likewise, we have a lot of spiritual enemies – eternal opponents. They will always want to harm us. Therefore, we must be alert to flee from their talk and sufferings they bring.

Ahab received four orders from God. He would live normally, but he should prepare himself for the return of those who wanted the evil of his people. Unsuspecting Christians do not think we are in a fight against evil forces, and doubt what the Lord speaks. Before the great battle of the Kingdom of Heaven against darkness begins, Jesus said he would like the fire to be already kindled (Luke 12:49).

The king of Israel should strive not to let Hell claim authority over him and oppress him and his people. We also need to work hard every day. If we have no fear of God, we will sin and turn away from Him. Then, the enemy will come with his wickedness and defeat us. Mercy!

Ahab needed to understand that the adversary wanted to destroy the people of God. He had to equip himself so that a year later, when the ruler of Syria would again face him and try to defeat him, he would be ready for the battle. This filthy man could not defeat Israel. Similarly, your life can never be overcome by the tempter!

There was a decision to be made, because the devil would counter attack with his deception in order to succeed in case he lost the war. The evil one never gives up his plans, which is to take us out of the position the Father placed us. Therefore, we must stay alert; thus, we will not fall into temptation. Honor the Name of Jesus!

The prophecy was clear: in the course of a year, the Syrian king would return to decide the battle. The problem for Israel was that their king was weak in faith and lived in sin. Then he would have no firmness or wisdom and would fall for something spoken by Ben-Hadad. Whoever respects the Lord does not make any concession!

Study carefully what happened between Ahab and Ben-Hadad so as not to fall on the enemy’s plans. One thing is certain: the Most High decreed that the saved have complete health. So stay alert and pray!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord, true Friend and Counselor! As You helped Israel against Syria, Your kindness will help us. There is no chance that You will  forsake or abandon us. Thus, we can praise You for the victory.

We must be alert to Your directions, for You know the devil´s plans against us. He will try to set up bigger obstacles to defeat us later. Your warnings are good for us to be successful again.

No decision should harm Your Kingdom or ourselves. So helps us to seek what is good for world evangelization. This is the best way to prove that we love You!


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