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“My covenant was with him, one of life and peace, And I gave them to him that he might fear Me; So he feared Me And was reverent before My name. Malachi 2:5

The great blessing experienced by the tribe of Levi amazed them; in biblical language, haunted. It is also meant to greatly bless your life. Certainly, if you follow the directions of God’s Word, your satisfaction will be immense. You can compare the divine plan with what a conductor does by setting the tone before the singer sings the song, and everything comes out perfect.

The same attention the Lord gives to those who exercise the priesthood. God would not put this person in an uncomfortable position; after all, he knows the gifts he has given her. Therefore, it is not right to covet anyone’s ministry. If you have been placed in any position to do what has been prepared for you, conform to the divine will. It may be that your work does not please the heavenly Father, but stand firm in the faith and ask for wisdom from on High.

Since the descendants of Levi had no inheritance in the distribution of land, they were given a different way to keep themselves and their families with dignity. There was no revolt from the other tribes as to what the Lord gave them to survive without regretting the others. Today, those who do the work must live by it in order to consecrate themselves full time to the meditation of the Word and prayer. God always knows what He does!

They enjoyed divine provision, having their physical and spiritual needs well supplied, and peace, obtaining the solution of everyday problems. A strong community is one in which its priests live in the presence of the Lord. The weight of the anointing of God’s servants is also seen in the way they preach and treat people, and in the answers to their prayers.

With what would be placed in their hands, the Levites would respect the decisions of the Almighty and bear good testimony of His faithfulness. The heavenly plan for the members of that tribe of Jacob was so perfect that there was never any complaint from them. Understand: The same is true today with those who fulfill their mission. The Most High has never mistaken or missed anything.

Without murmuring and joyful, these men served the Omnipotent with abundance of everything. Believing and trusting are two verbs that God’s servants must always keep together. For lack of wisdom, or consecration, many complain that they are not well attended. Now when Israel was in the wilderness, manna supplied their needs, but when they sinned, disease and other evils soon arose. The Lord is the same!

These days, everything God’s people need will be supplied because of the Name of Jesus, whose power we need to understand. As we feel any operation of darkness, we must pray and use the Name above all names (Phil 2: 9). Then the need will be met, and we will see that God wants us to enjoy life and peace!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father! We want to love you wholeheartedly with the expression of our faith and fear. We will never experience blessings without full trust in You. Your love and faithfulness thrill and strengthen us!

We now know how to enjoy the best Concert, made on the best promises. If what was transient provided the Levites with an optimal life, we will better live in the New Covenant, which includes the outpouring of Your Spirit.

You are the Father, because you take care of your friends with an immeasurable affection. When we use Your Name, You come into action and surprise us with spiritual gifts and operations that help us in serving You. Thank you for loving us!


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