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And it was told Saul that David had fled to Gath; so he sought him no more..  1 Samuel 27:4

David no longer had to worry about Saul’s decision – to kill him. Being warned of David’s escape, Saul was pleased. Jesse’s younger son had not come to Gath by chance, but as part of a noble mission, which he would later understand. Do not consider moments of peace as rest, but opportunities to seek the Lord.

It is true that David could not have been thinking that his opponent would not seek in any way to end his life with a weapon, poison, or “accidentally.” In the same way, never consider that Hell has given up on killing you or trying to corrupt you. Sometimes you overcome a temptation, but another one gets worse in your life. The devil has the purpose of stealing, killing and destroying (John 10: 10a).

At all times we should seek God, but when everything calms down we should pray to know His will. Poor Christian who chooses to rest from the obligation to pray continually (1 Thess. 5:17)! This attitude is already a victory of the kingdom of darkness. Stand firm in faith in the Lord every time a temptation approaches. Nothing happens to us by chance.

Even in joy and during family communion, listen to the voice of God, because your struggle will only end at the end of your career, which will take place when the Most High wills. As you read and search the Scriptures, you will understand what God is telling you. Whoever reads the Bible without attention and ignores revelation will be spiritually blind. Who has eyes see (Mt 13:16)!

Saul only had his life spared, because God is good to all (Mk 10:18). The same goes for you! Many people who persecute or harm him will not be destroyed because, in His infinite mercy, the Lord is extending to the wicked the possibility of being saved. But after the hammer is struck, and the sentence pronounced, the unbelievers will have no chance.

Never suggest to God what to do with someone so as not to be missed. Of course, He will never pay attention to such requests. You don’t want to be responsible for people’s perdition, but for their salvation. Love your neighbor as Jesus loves you. How have your prayers been?

Saul did not understand that David did not flee, but was absent from the persecutor’s presence by some hidden fact. But when the Lord had enough in that situation, David would return to assume the kingdom that was already his. God’s servant will never cease to be repaid; after all, a Laban never steals a Jacob.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord, our Counselor! David's wise attitude came from Thee, for he could not get his hands dirty or disrupt His decision. Thus, he would not be guilty of the king's death or wrongdoing.

Achish was an adversary, but he had a good heart. Then Thou didst put David among the Philistines, that they might see the work of a servant of Thine. David was an example for them to learn to walk in Your ways.

Make us what you want, because that's the best. We can only stand on what You reveal to us by the Word. Look at us and make us walk in the Truth. Thank you for loving and guarding and using us. You are beautiful!


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