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So David said to Joab and to the leaders of the people, “Go, number Israel from Beersheba to Dan, and bring the number of them to me that I may know it.” 1 Chronicles 21:2

If they are not alert, even the servants of God will be used by the enemy. This happened to King David, when he felt he should count the number of people. This behavior seemed wrong in the eyes of the men who walked with the Lord, but, even though he was counseled, he remained steady in his decision. The price he paid for carrying out that census was high. He repented, but not without first seeing the cost of his foolish decision. Be careful not to be guided by Satan!

We should listen closely those who walk near God, for they are used in such clear way. When they speak, you can notice the authority in the tone of the voice. The person who acts inspired by the devil even feels that their attitude is wrong, but insists in their error. If you talk to someone who has sinned, they will say that they were shaking from top to bottom the first time, but then everything “seemed” normal.

The spirit that took hold of the king to perform the census hardened his heart. Consequently, he did not hear the Lord. That was like one of the battles that he had to fight in favor of his people. But David possessed a virtue: every time he counseled with God, he understood what he had to do. However, he later acted like a fool. This has happened to many Christians when facing temptation. Poor souls!

It’s always good to pray and look in the Bible for the green light of the Most High. If you don´t do this, you will act foolishly. Why didn´t David consult with the Lord, if even Joab, the commander of the army, tried to make him understand that that decision was not good? Unfortunately, we do not know why some people act like Judas Iscariots, who betrayed Jesus.

When someone contradicts the Word to get rid of the devil that has tempted them, they must repent, seek the person that was harmed, and confess the wrongdoing to that person. Then, with humility and frankness, they need to ask that person to forgive them. If the offended person feels that there is still wickedness or lying in that heart, he will not forgive the offense, and the offender will miss the opportunity to be freed. 

The king’s command prevailed, and he numbered Israel. However, why did he do that, if God always gave him the victory? Should he not wait in the Lord and, when there were wars, go to the battlefront with the blessing? Up to this moment, he had not been defeated. However, pride leads a person to betray their spouse, thus, tarnishing their lives forever. Why do this if, in addition to being equal, we have a commitment with the heavenly Father?

When he saw the number of men ready to go to war, he felt that he had betrayed the Lord. Now, the Holy Spirit speaks to us before and after we make err. The best thing is to not do anything forbidden by God. Stay alert! If the devil tempts you, just rebuke him, say no and forget whatever he proposed.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, our Helper and Comforter! Why didn´t David consider what You showed him and turn back on his decison? Most assuredly he would have kept himself clean from any error. Why haven´t some brothers respected You and given up on their wrongdoing?

Pride or any other wicked feeling can never take hold of us. If we give in to the devil, we will end up paying a high price. Nothing that comes from Him is good, but everything that comes from You helps us to fulfill Your will.

We have to keep ourselves dependent on You. If we do that, we will never be wrong before Your eyes. We want You to see us as Your servants, far from all temptations and close to Your instructions.


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