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Is this not the word that we told you in Egypt, saying, ‘Let us alone that we may serve the Egyptians’? For it would have been better for us to serve the Egyptians than that we should die in the wilderness. Exodus 14:12

People of all ages have one thing in common: their attitudes under fear or faith are the same. The Israelites suffered under the whip of Egypt for over 400 years, but their eyes were open and they saw that for centuries they lived as slaves. This was not what they were to do there in the time of Joseph, who had saved that country from starvation, as well as the known world of those days.

When they decided they needed to change their lives, they prayed to the Lord for deliverance. God chose Moses and sent him on a great mission: to convince the king of Egypt to set His people free. Besides the various conversations, ten plagues were sent by the Almighty to that land; only later did Pharaoh allow Jacob’s sons to leave. However, right after that, he regretted it and went after them!

The Hebrews were in a valley prepared by God to reveal His glory. On either side were high mountains; in front of them the Red Sea and behind them Pharaoh and his army. Instead of believing in the Lord, who had proved what he could do, and praying for divine guidance, they complained of “luck,” saying that they preferred to stay there and subject themselves to captivity. Mercy!

Moses knew that man adapts to the most difficult situations, such as being a slave to a people who whipped them to make them make bricks without any right but a poor subsistence. Indeed, the man of God made them understand that freedom was better than that life in slavery. From what they said at the time, it is clear that many had gone against it and preferred to be killed again in the desert. But who talked about dying?

The devil always acts by inflicting fear on people in order to have them in their dirty hands. The children of Israel had not understood that the Lord is patient and kind, and therefore would be with them; after all, He had promised Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to deliver His people at the end of time. In our day, we have seen individuals wish they had never left darkness and gone to the Gospel because of some threat from the devil. God is Faithful!

Caution! Make no hasty decisions that you will regret for eternity. He who is of God must stand firm in the Word he has heard since childhood. Divine promises will be fulfilled in the lives of those who believe. The Israelites did something dangerous: they defied the one true God who had created them to be happy. Before long, they would be free from the Egyptians.

Anyone who is impatient about waiting on the Lord will take action that will make him suffer forever. God knew what he was doing, how aware of everything about his life. He has prepared the best for you. Trust and believe! Your future will be too beautiful.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord! You have patience in dealing with men, even when some do not wait for Your guidance and say something outrageous. You planned to bring a sad end to Pharaoh's army, and no Israelite would be injured or killed.

Because they were frightened, the Hebrews spoke without thinking and acted as one who does not see Thy purpose. But you were kind to them, as you have been to those who say what they should not. We are grateful for your love!

In a few hours, free from the Egyptian menace and across the Red Sea, they opened their mouths in praise, giving thanks for such a great deliverance. This serves us as a lesson. May Thy will be done, not ours! Amen!


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