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23/11/2020 - DECLARE HIS GLORY

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Declare His glory among the nations, His wonders among all peoples. Psalm 96:3

A life that fails to declare God’s glory among the nations is not the good song that He wishes to hear. Stopping to seek the Lord before you see His brightness working and involving your life and of yours is your biggest failure. How can anyone declare divine majesty without seeing it? Our goal must be to live at the feet of Christ; thus, we will learn from Him and be surprised by His wonderful grace and truth.

Stephen was a man filled with the Holy Spirit and faith (Acts 6:5). So, with wonders and signs, he testified in Jerusalem about the Savior. He was successful in his faith in Jesus, but out of envy, radical Jews condemned him to be stoned to death. Just before dying, when he looked up to Heaven, Stephen saw the glory of God and the Lord Jesus, who was at the Father’s right hand (Acts 7:55). God is so beautiful!

The command we have received from Heaven is to declare among the nations the glory of the Lord that is available to all in order to reverse the wickedness done by the enemy. Knowing this wonderful power, people will realize that they lose a lot in other religions, because none of them meets the needs of the human being. Jesus is the only Answer!

We will never announce God’s solution if we are not well with Him, living the faith at the highest level. People will only believe that there is a God, the only One who can change their lives and that of their families, when they see the transformation in our way of speaking and behaving. We are responsible for giving the world the Word that saves man. The Father’s glory envelopes us and grants us victory!

The Christian who does not seek the Lord fails when he is attacked by evil. Thus, he will never be able to take the necessary steps to fulfill the divine plan in his life. Defeat shows that the devil has triumphed over someone who is divine property. For that not to happen, surrender yourself completely to the study of the Word and to prayer and flee from evil lies. In doing so, you will see the move of God in your life. This is different from being religious!

Whoever practices what the Scriptures say fulfills the divine plan. However, whoever disobeys the Lord lives far from His will and will always be harassed by the enemy. God will do what He has planned for you, but He does not require sacrifices or things of the flesh. Now, it is useless to be in prayer all the time if you do not act according to the Bible. Watch and pray!

The Most High blesses His loved ones, who have and keep the commandments, even while they sleep (Psalm 127:2). Those who ignore Heaven´s precepts cannot be guided by the  Lord´s hand. See how you have been living and if your prayers are being answered. One must change to enjoy the work of God!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father! We want to reach the level of those who are truly saved, in whom Your hand will operate, as it happened in the past. Then, the nations will see Your glory reflected in the lives of those who love and seek You with joy.

We cannot go back to the position of religious, because they do not understand nor please You. In fact, fulfilling Your will is our heart's desire. We know that the world lies in the evil one, so we want to declare Your Word.

Where are the wonders we should be doing? They have stopped happening in our days, and this is serious. You ordered us to proclaim their achievements. We need to sit at the feet of Your Son to learn, to act and show Who You are and what You do. Amen!


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