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You will not see a fierce people, A people of obscure speech, beyond perception, Of a stammering tongue that you cannot understand. Isaiah 33:19

It is truly wonderful to know that according to the Lord we will never again see that cruel people – demons symbolized by the Assyrians.  Just as Judah was freed from the Assyrian oppression, we too were delivered by Jesus.  This way, we are eternally free from the hands of the devil and the evil spirits.  Now we have the power over the infernal kingdom, and when we pray and command the evil to leave, he obeys us!

Jesus said that many kings and prophets wanted to see what we see today but were unable to (Luke 10:24). However, unfortunately there are many brothers that have not understood the significance of believing in the divine plan and executing it.  Instead of recruiting people and convincing  them to attend and join churches, like the sports teams such as soccer or the political parties, we have to show them how to be born again, because no one will enter into the Kingdom of God without this blessing (John 3:5). The struggle is great!

The devils have a convincing and steep voice, emanating from the lower places on Earth where evil and all bad things rules.  Their word is displeasing and has no power to inflict any damage to the saved.  Today we see divine glory free those that come to Christ, even if they are taken by evil. The plan of the Most High is so noble that at the wink of an eye, people become powerful sheep, purified and strengthened in God.

The devil’s speech is unnoticeable because it not only is never clear but is full of lies.  For this reason it does not please those who were created in the image and likeness of the Most High.  Those who give credit to the enemy will notice they made the wrong decision, for the devil’s words have no shred of truth (John 8:44). Those who have believed in the powers of darkness should go to the Kingdom of God; this way they will be completely delivered. 

The devil’s tongue is foreign to anybody.  It was never know by man, who was created to rule the Earth.  Nevertheless, even though Adam was deceived by the devil, when anyone is converted he soon learns that that tongue came not from God but from the accuser. On the other hand, those who hear the Gospel for the first time have the sensation that they already knew the divine voice.

It is not possible to understand what the devil says, because in his speeches there is not even any message of hope.  Everything that proceeds from his mouth is hate and strategies to harm those who will listen to him.  The good news is that due to salvation in Jesus we will never again have to submit to the kingdom of lies and evil.  With authority in Jesus name we have the power to bind the demons and free from their hands those who will listen to the Lord.

Thank God our redemption has been carried out.  Now there is no longer any price for people to be delivered and blessed in the Most High.  What matters is to do divine will and walk in the light of the Scriptures.  Once saved, we are light.  Therefore we can undo any evil work and take the lost to full salvation.  To God be the glory!

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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God! What precision in planning execution and wisdom! In Your Kingdom we are delivered and freed from all the evil of those cruel people.  This way, we will never be hit by any dart from Hell.  It is beautiful to belong to You.

It is good to walk everywhere doing what is good and healing those oppressed by the devil.  This way we bring glory to Your Name.  We want to be used by Your Spirit.  Then we will see multitudes arriving in Your Kingdom and being delivered by You!

The people with a deep speech do not scare us.  You will take us to where they are oppressing people.  There we will deliver and free the captive, heal the sick and preach the Word, and we will fulfill ourselves rejoicing in You!


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