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But you have departed from the way; You have caused many to stumble at the law. You have corrupted the covenant of Levi,” Says the LORD of hosts. Malachi 2:8

The way the Lord points out is for our salvation, health, prosperity, and the other blessings we will need for a worthy life. This is very important because, as we will be considered children of God, if we do not have the power to solve the minimum difficulties of life. But only he who perseveres in his right will save his soul, but whoever deviates from it will be condemned.

We have the Light to follow and the good Spirit of God who will guide us to the end. It is important, then, not to take our eyes off the Lord. That way, we will not stray from His path. No matter what comes against you – whether great adversity or irresistible temptation. Get out of it while it’s possible. He who is enchanted with sin invariably falls into its grasp. Sin is an angel of death!

When the priest deviates, he is in a deplorable state. The light that illuminated his path goes out, and he becomes responsible for the diversion of many, for whom the bill will be too high. These will cause other people to follow your bad example and stop believing in the Most High. On the other hand, the good priest bears good witness to many who are on the path of death, and in this way will be rewarded for such conduct.

What would the Israelites be if Samuel had been angry with them for asking them to be given a king? But Samuel was a true servant of God and loved them to the end. Those who take offense at people’s preference will not continue long in the presence of God. The hatred in the heart, the lie that insists on keeping, and the other misconduct will drive away anyone who gives them shelter.

If you allow bad feelings to dwell in your heart or despise the Lord, you are on the path to death. Stop now, repent and return to God. Note this: If your life ends in error, you will not see Heavenly Father. Jesus promised that the pure in heart will see the Glorious and Almighty (Matt. 5: 8). Deceptions are powerful weapons of the devil to lead him to eternal perdition.

Levi’s priestly covenant could not be corrupted, and anyone who did so would have a bitter punishment. How much greater punishment will be given to the person who corrupts the covenant of Christ in His blood? Wake up! Get out of sin, confess your mistakes, and leave the bad way. When you stand before the Most High at the Judgment, He will be the Judge, not the Advocate He is today. This is the time to pray and make your decision!

Keep being infellowship with God, tell Him your sins and to whom you have dishonored. Never be stubborn, because even if you are sincere, if you fail to confess your sins, you will not be forgiven (Luke 17:3). The opportunity to get rid of some mistake is now. What will you do?

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, who redeems us! We cannot continue to hide our faults for fear of losing You and being condemned to eternal destruction. Therefore, we ask Your help to get rid of them.

Dad, we don't walk with you anymore. Our iniquities will only be erased with proper confession. We have to confess them to You and the person from whom we have subtracted something or dishonored you. Help us!

We have to look for who we stumbled upon in the Law, betrayed, lied and stole! We will never enter the heavenly Home "in the red." Only You are able to get rid of our embarrassment.


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