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All nations surrounded me, But in the name of the Lord I will destroy them. Psalm 118:10

There are several types of enemy nations attacking mankind and turning people into Satan´s slaves. Such groups spread terror everywhere, causing panic, fear and wicked feelings to those they should honor as kings, established by Jesus (Revelation 5:10). At this moment, we must cross our arms and confess there is nothing we can do, or we can go into battle and prove that the Gospel is divine power? 

Sometimes, an evil comes into your life in the form of illness or as an urge to sin, hate or resent for not being helped in the way you would like. These temptations precede a conjunction of forces to destroy you. The only purpose of the hellish kingdom is to bring you out of eternal happiness. King David, the great man of God, said he was the victim of a federation of hellish nations.

A demon always receives a specific order from Satan to target a person. Not knowing this, she resents at the person that let herself be used in this devilish plan. From then on, other envoys will arrive to dwell in this life, making it a playground of evil actions. Therefore, we must forgive those who harm us, before we are completely contaminated by the devil.

From the moment that Hell sets its flag on someone, other demons come to add their evils. Only those who truly repent and release forgiveness are able to get rid of the wicked plan that has settled in their being and reverberates in their territory.

Forgive up to 70 times 7 in a single day (Matthew 18:22). This instruction means that forgiveness must be granted in an unlimited way, because whoever harmed you was also possessed by the enemy. Whoever does not forgive will not be forgiven (Matthew 6:15). Therefore, you will be responsible for the harm suffered and caused in the person who did not submit to biblical guidance. Ask for the gift of repentance and get rid of the darkness.

The confederation of nations that attacked David was like a swarm of bees, when the wisest and most prudent thing would be to take refuge in a safe shelter. Only the Lord is that shelter ready to receive us. However, we cannot leave our tormenter in the hands of the fury of the nations, because if we do not forgive him, we will be left unprotected. Obey the Most High!

By following the holy guidelines, you will be freed from the stain that brought the wicked soldiers of the hellish confederation into your life. It´s time to be like Jesus: while nailed to the cross, He pleaded for His oppressors, asking them to be forgiven (Luke 23:34). Forgiveness is an act of the one who has really found the Lord. Only that person can give you true regard. Those who love God have nothing of themselves, but they are full of the heavenly gifts!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord! We call upon You to deliver us and destroy the nations that surround us with their evil. We understand Your instruction and we carry it out. In the Name of Jesus, we deliver those who have harmed us!

Forgive them, and recover them in Your way. We don't want to suggest anything, but that You don't take into account what they did to us, because after all, the enemy used them and wants to fulfill his evil intent in them and in us. Mercy, Father!

Thank You, because this act, done in the Name of Christ, gives forgiveness to those who have harmed, as well as to us. May Your love cover us and make us people who love and serve You. We are grateful for helping us so much!


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