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11/04/2023 - DEVIL’S BRIDES

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They have corrupted themselves; they are not His children, because of their blemish: a perverse and crooked generation.   Deuteronomy 32.5

Those who give in to the devil have no idea how wrong they are. Adultery, for example, can be committed either in the spirit realm – when someone “falls in love” with a religious philosophy contrary to the Gospel – or in marriage, by having an extramarital affair. In both situations, the sin is not only committed against the spouse or the faith, but also in opposition to the Lord. He who adds something to what is normal sins!

Why corrupt yourself? Anyone who is unfaithful in the physical or spiritual realm is under the influence of the kingdom of darkness. The Bible is clear that such a person will not inherit the Kingdom of God, even if he is influential in the church (Matthew 7.21-23). One thing is certain: anyone who knows the Word but lives unworthily and condemned by the Lord will experience eternal death, if he does not repent.

Just as it has been said, whoever chooses iniquity and does not turn back from his evil deeds – will cease to be a child of God and will be condemned, losing the privilege of living well here and later, in the Kingdom of Heaven. It is worth noting the decision of the rich young man (Matthew 19.16-30), whom Jesus told that he needed only one thing: to sell his possessions and give them to the poor. Faced with this condition, the young man sadly left the Master’s presence to plunge into the lake of fire and brimstone, from which he will never come out (Mark 10.17-22).

Turning to the Lord is decorous and productive, but away from Him one sees everything in a twisted way. Never give your first kiss or continue to get to know someone – if you are walking on the devil’s side. The Lord’s side is righteous, pure and healthy, but the enemy’s side is filthy, melancholic and sad. Why would a child of God prefer to risk himself, if there will be no repentance after death? Be wise, turn to good!

Many are mistaken in the divine work. Even some respected leaders think they are free to act wrongly. This is one of the devil’s dirtiest tricks, and the person who does so will not be among those who will stand at the right hand of the Lord on the last Day (Matthew 25.41ff). Whoever stands at His left hand will receive the full unpleasant order. Why then, do the enemy’s will, if damnation is the end?

In the verse being study, it is very clear: no rebel is a child of God, but there are those who believe contrary to the biblical revelations. If you have been in rebellion to the commandments – stop, reflect, and ask the Father for mercy; if you continue in error, you will never see the light of day (Isaiah 8.20). Resist temptations, and if by chance, you have involved yourself with another person and had children with them, get right with God!

Some transgress simply by disobeying the Lord and claim that they have done so because He has not heeded their requests. The rebellious are not God’s children, for they make the biggest mistake: leaving the Most High. The stain of their sin and the consequences of it are theirs only. Why be part of the generation that is worthy of pity, by becoming corrupt and in the end, face eternal death? Turn to the Lord now!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord of our purification! We cannot corrupt ourselves against You or distance ourselves from Your Kingdom. As we remember the price paid by Jesus to rescue us from the flames of the lake of fire, our soul cries out for help. We don't want to go there!

How sad that we are no longer Your children, only to be deceived by the devil! We need to reverse any situation that puts us in eternal danger. After all, we have been bought by the blood of Your Son. Jesus warned us that at His return, faith would be difficult to find!

Yes, the stain is ours. But, having heard Your Word, we have become Your Bride. Why would we exchange that position to be brides of the devil, the defeated one. Our prayer is on behalf of those who have gone astray. May they come running back to You!


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