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27/04/2023 - DINAH WENT OUT

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Now Dinah the daughter of Leah, whom she had borne to Jacob, went out to see the daughters of the land. Genesis 34.1

We began a study on the responsibility of Christian parents in raising their children, giving them biblical instruction on how to behave anywhere, especially in front of those who still do not know the Word (Deuteronomy 6.6-9). To serve God is to take care of the family, so that the devil will not destroy it. If this happens, may it not be your fault. In fact, if you are vigilant, the evil one will never do the work he desires.

About four centuries later, when the descendants of the patriarch forgot about the One who made the promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, they found themselves enslaved in the land saved from famine and consequently from destruction, because of Joseph, one of Jacob’s sons. You see, if we stop watching in the Word and forsake the Lord, the enemy will trap us in his clutches. Our dependence on God must be daily (Psalm 1.1-3). 

Jacob and his sons had settled in front of the city of Shechem, named after the place founded by Hamor, whose son had the same name as that place (Genesis 34.2). These people were known as Hivites, descendants of Canaan, son of Ham, and the latter of Noah. Remember: Ham was cursed because he saw Noah naked and did not act wisely. As time passed, men sinned again as they did before the Flood, and God took the earth from them.

Dinah, Jacob’s daughter, probably asked Leah to let her go out to see the daughters in that place. She must have been delighted with her new friends and everything they told her. She soon made friends with the girls and her fame reached Shechem, the prince of the city, son of the major of the place. He fell in love with the heiress of the promise. Was Dinah told to be careful with her new friendships?

The daughters of the earth continue to be used by the devil in the way they dress and talk. This delights them in such a way that they don’t even think about where they will be in eternity. Now, if the members of your family are not well rooted in Christ, nourishing themselves daily on the Word of God, they will turn away from the Father when temptations come. Did everyone in Jacob’s household serve the Lord?

The narrative later on says that among those who were with Jacob there were strange gods. This is a trap used by the enemy to ensnare the weak in faith (Genesis 35.2-4). Therefore, the faith of your entire family must be examined every day. The slightest doze will cause yours to suffer here and in eternity. There is no way to avoid perdition if there is sin in one’s life. Lack of fear of the Lord will bring long and lasting pain.

The girls of that land must have talked about Shechem to Dinah, saying that he was the best person in the area, handsome and rich and other things (Genesis 34.19). We don’t know how many times they met, but for everyone’s sake, they should not have even exchanged first and second glances. What happened was the doom of that young woman, who became enchanted with the person she should have never met, for she was the heir to the divine promises!  

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, our Protection! We don't have to do something wrong to open our eyes! It doesn't matter if someone is endowed with beauty, fame or possessions. Father, give us Your love, Your mercy and peace!

We don't want to go out and meet anyone or feel the power of wealth and its fascinations, as well as the cares of life and the ambition for other things. For us, Your goodness and grace is all we need. Surround us with mercy and power!

We trust in Your promises, for we know that none of them will fail. Where You are, there is freedom. May we never turn away from You, nor fall prey to the enemy's wiles! Protect us with Your wall of fire!


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