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Then He went out from there and came to His own country, and His disciples followed Him. Mark 6.1

It´s good to observe the way the Bible recounts the events that happened to those who were or seemed to be, on the Lord’s side. Such accounts are lessons for us. We see that Jesus went about doing good everywhere (Acts 10.38), and His disciples followed Him. This way, they learned how to proceed when they were alone doing God’s work. Christ is the Master!

Whoever is a disciple follows the Lord with joy, but whoever is selfish or has other objectives is not always willing to go to certain places. To serve the Savior means to be ready to go wherever He tells you to go, and to stay as long as He says is necessary, without complaining, even if you have apparently been abandoned or even forgotten. The best thing is to know that the heavenly plan for your life is being fulfilled, as Abraham did (Hebrews 11:8-10).

Remember what Jesus said about the mustard seed, the smallest of all – which produces a big tree, where the birds nest (Matthew 13.31,32). Now, in the parable of the sower, the birds of the air symbolize demons, which eat the seed planted in your heart (Mark 4.4,15). Therefore, it is good to be alert to the temptations that arise and that can even come from family members and friends. The servant must observe the movement of his Master’s hands.

Many evil people approach us to get something that can give them profit or pleasure, but not to receive the Word, which is able to change their lives and make them blessed for eternity. However, we must not fear the criminal mind, for it only operates in the earthly things (Luke 12.4). We have the promise that no evil shall befall us (Psalm 91.10). The saved no longer suffer the enemy´s influence because the Lord protects them.

God’s servants have only one reason to be by our side: to learn how to do God’s work. Jesus went to His land to take care of His contemporaries, but they didn’t realize that everything He did came from the Most High, and they criticized Him (Mark 6.2,3). They were unaware of the fact that their problems could have been solved in that encounter with Christ. Likewise, we have not seen that every service in which we participate could be the one in which the Almighty would deliver us from evil!

Never get entangled in the conversations of the wicked, because they will not think twice – if they can do you harm. Those who don’t know the Word can be used by the enemy, acting just like the lost. The wicked wants money, pleasure, and if he can, he will make you an object of his enjoyment. The devil wants to destroy the works of faith, because if you continue to obey divine impulses, you will be a great threat to him.

The faithful servant follows the Master at all times and goes through trials with his head held high. What matters to him is to see the Lord happy with him. Therefore, don’t let yourself be shaken by the wickedness of the accuser. Stand firm in your faith in Christ until the end. There is no way Satan can force you to do his will, for the Holy Spirit, who dwells in you, keeps you from temptation.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares


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Lord of true servants! We cannot live away from Your Word and stop serving You. Being Your disciples, we want to learn to live under Your authority. Thank You for making each one of us Your servants!

We must never allow ourselves to be deceived by the sympathy shown by some. Now, the traitor who handed Jesus over, before showing the enemies who the Christ was, approached Your Son and kissed Him. No one will deceive us, if we are bound to You. The devil will not touch us!

We want to reach Your land, where You have a place of shelter, an example, and a blessing to bestow upon us. Your teachings are of the utmost importance; therefore, we will never despise them. Let the Truth be revealed to us, and we shall live freely!


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