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They were like well-fed lusty stallions; Every one neighed after his neighbor’s wife. Jeremiah 5:8

Moral corruption begins with small deviations and, if not contained with true repentance, will lead everyone to a dangerous situation. In Judah, for the most part, men became a threat to families, as they considered themselves stallions. The devil had managed to influence those who should live in prayer, preparing for the battles of faith, which kept the nation ahead of the rest.

It started with the leaders. Now, when the great fall, the rest fall together. In the church, the same is true. If the pastor is taken by vanity, others will follow his example. The same is true if he commits any sin. If any slippage is observed, those who have already strayed from the heart are the first to tell others the news and, instead of praying to close the gap, the gossips spread the news.

Why doesn’t love overcome hate in these conditions? Because there are few godly people. Those who were nourished by the leader with the best bread refused the Lord’s teachings. It is necessary to be watchful with Him, because the devil is near and will find someone who gives him shelter and will use that person in the various and dirty means to weaken the work of God. Woe to him through whom the scandal comes (Mt 18.7)!

What a sad picture the prophet had to paint! However, it was one of the Lord’s last attempts to not surrender His beloved people to the enemy. However, these people did not want to hear from Him and, since then, instead of eating the best of the land, they preferred to eat the worst. The good soil will be the same and will produce at 30, 60 and 100 for one of the seed planted (Mt 13.23). The important thing is to see which seed has been planted!

The men of Jerusalem could wake up in the morning and, upon meeting a lady, simply greet her, saying: “God bless her”, or say good morning, with faith and love, or a smile, which is so good for those who gives and who receives it. However, they preferred to carve like stallions for their neighbor’s wife. Bad examples are copied by those who have already sinned in their hearts. Then, in a matter of days, sin begins to abound, and divine justice comes into play!

This has occurred in the midst of those who have been brought out of darkness. People blessed by God need to be aware, because the devil, the adversary, walks around like a lion, trying to swallow them (1 Pet. 5.8). Many resist for years, but because they have opened a window in their hearts, they say yes to the devil, who aims to kill, steal and destroy (Jn 10.10). Be alert!

To end the nation, the church and his life, the evil one makes his proposals. Whoever is reeling in faith does not even think twice and accepts them. First, fall into thought; then, spiritual coldness enters. As a consequence, tempting situations arise and transgress. So, without confessing their mistakes, they continue to fall. Have mercy!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of holiness! Terrible days Your people of that time passed. There was moral corruption and, after it, destruction would follow. The abundance of bread made those who served Him into the enemy's slaves and thus suffered greatly.

Your people did not get up early to pray, to seek Your face and repent. What was seen was the sinful desire dominating almost everyone. In our day, the same has happened. Many of those who sought You were led by sin.

Anoint Your servants, strengthen them to face these situations, with fear due to You. The enemy has acted as never before; moral and spiritual loosening is seen everywhere. Lord, we need the gift of repentance!


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