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11/01/2019 - DO NOT LOOK TO THE PAST

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The eyes of those who see will not be dim, And the ears of those who hear will listen. Isaiah 32:3

After we learn that we have a King who governs with righteousness, we cannot live as if that were a fantasy, fiction or figurative. From the moment we accept Jesus as Savior we must look to the front, with our sights on the target that God placed for us.  Otherwise we will displease the Most High.  He knows that He destined the Kingdom for us, so we must proceed to the prize of our sovereign vocation in Christ (Philippians 3:14).

Each one who is saved is a son of the King.  Hence: a prince whose mission is to rule in righteousness.  Jesus did what was needed for our well-being and our protection.  Now, in order to enjoy what is ours in faith in the Lord, we must rule based on what was done by Him in His death. On that cross, the Messiah took our place, removing all our diseases and infirmities (Isaiah 53).  There is nothing more that needs to be done for us to live victoriously.

Information from heaven is a command for each one who is saved.  It commands us to proceed to the target: please God.  The will of the Father is that His sons live well and enjoy all that was conquered by Jesus.  The Bible says we should not look to the past, remembering what we suffered with the fall of Adam, but look forward, mastering all that was given to us in the sacrifice of Jesus and advancing to victory obtained by Him over all evil.  In Christ, we are victorious!

Great is our position before all things.  Those who are righteous must lay hold of all that was freely given to us by the Beloved.  Therefore, do not neglect the revelation but believing go forward in the Word.  The master eternally defeated the devil divesting him of all authority that he held over us.  Now we must agree with God and take up our position in Christ. 

Examine the Scriptures and see what becomes of those who believe in the Lord.  Being a part of the Body of Christ, your responsibility is to not allow the enemy to use you again to harm the holy Savior.  Remember: He loved us and surrendered Himself for us.  Jesus not only reigns in righteousness, but He is also our Righteousness.  This way have not the least fear in facing the devil and crushing all that is his. 

Some people still do not have eyes that see for they have not been converted.  Therefore they continue to serve Satan.  Nevertheless, those who were born again and were justified in Christ owe nothing to the devil.  The saved must look to the reward that is reserved in Jesus.  Do not delay another minute to lay hold of what is yours, demanding that all evil leave your life and never ever return to disturb you. 

Now that you are saved, trust in the Word of God and what it says of your position and place in Christ.  Be aware or nothing will change in your life.  Understand: we were forgiven and purified in the blood of Jesus in order not to sin and we were healed by His wounds so that we are no longer infirm.  Our deliverance from all evil is in our faith in the Lord. 

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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Oh God! We no longer have to suffer, remain prostrated or live withdrawn from abundance of life that You brought to us.  We are delivered from sin and all its consequences.  No evil can befall us and no plague can reach our home!

Now, as members of Your Body, we have to live in holiness to carry out the mission You have entrusted to us. Our eyes can now see what You reveal to us in Your Word.  Our participation in Your work is true and eternal. 

We do not want to bring dishonor to Your Body.  On the contrary, the tasks that You entrusted to us will be carried out in detail.  Therefore, we will never cease to laud and praise Your Name for what it means to our joy and happiness today.  It´s so good to love You!


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