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Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me. John 14:1

Jesus’ message concerning His departure from this Earth to the Kingdom of Heaven worried His disciples; after all, having Him near, any and all problems were always solved. Hearing that they would be without Him their hearts grew sad and in a brief moment their faces showed great worry with regard to the future.  The Master soon commanded them not to worry their hearts. 

There is a great heavenly benefit for those who are positive in faith and consider everything that happens as an opportunity to practice their faith.  However, if we do not receive well any report and fear what might happen, we will be filled with fear and then we will suffer.  We were not made to fear bad news.  If this happens even our bodies will show some negative reaction and we will be hindered.  It is good to believe in the help that comes from the Lord.

There is no reason to get desperate.  If it is God’s plan that something happen to us, He will provide the necessary escape (1 Corinthians 10:13).  Now, when we are directed by our beloved Father we are always conducted in triumph. However, since the disciples had not yet been born anew, the flesh had a powerful influence on them and instead of considering Jesus message a blessing they let the worries fill their inner selves. 

Likewise, this happens to us almost always.  The minute something happens not quite as we expected, we start praying and citing biblical promises.  Sometimes, by the tone of voice it may seem like we are struggling with the Lord. Now, if He is directing your moves, why try to analyze or understand each step during the journey. Be firm in your faith and you will see that He will never leave you. 

Often times, the Israelites in the past, especially when they journeyed through the desert, did not have any patience with trials. When they sinned, they soon developed thirst for drinking water, something the Lord had removed from them.  Consequently they would take their grievances and complaints to Moses. Why can’t man keep watch with the Lord for one hour, like Jesus asked the disciples in the garden at Gethsemane (Mark 14:37)?

Whoever declares belief in God must also believe in Jesus.  According to John 14:1, the Messiah affirmed this when He saw His disciples sad.  Because they did not understand the divine plan, they were taken by apprehensions. Does this happen with you? This is not a good attitude.    The Son of God would never leave us in any battle, but as He promised us He will always be with us (Matthew 28:20).  Your faith in Christ is sufficient to calm the storms and bring the answers that you need. 

They that trust in the Almighty will not be confounded.  This person may undergo trials, feel abandoned and consider giving up.  However, the consolations of the Holy Spirit will help you during these times.  Certainly, the devil will insist that you give up, forgetting what God did promise to you.  But having love in Christ, one will never do this.  Not even a lit furnace will make the servant of God retreat!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord! Prepare our hearts to be in Your plans. Even though there may be a real threat or danger, with Your wisdom we will act like the cousin to Esther, who alone resisted Haman and delivered his people from death.

We want to be like Abraham.  He knew You had promised to give him and Sarah their promised boy.  This is the type of faith that You give, so we do not have to turn our backs on You.  Thank  You for helping us in our trials. You are faithful!

As we believe in You and in Your Son our faith is made Strong and powerful for us to command what is good for us and for Your Kingdom. Then we will see the work fulfilled.  We cannot be saddened and give the enemy the right and pleasure to say that he defeated us.  We have the solution in Your Word.  Amen!


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