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20/08/2020 - DON´T FORGET GOD

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“Now consider this, you who forget God, Lest I tear you in pieces, And there be none to deliver:. Psalm 50:22

It is a great mistake to forget the Lord. Whoever does this is unprotected without the real Shield. If you open yourself to the forces of evil, Satan will try to destroy your life. So never accept any kind of temptation! It is better to turn your back on what the devil shows you. Do not fall into the strategy of the realm of evil, because from it only perdition comes.

Remember Who is your Guard, who never sleeps or dozes off (Ps 121.4). Many ignore the danger of disregarding the protection of the Omnipotent. He will never hurt us. We do not know when the thief will come, but he always comes to steal, kill, and destroy without warning (John 10:10). Seeing someone unprotected, the enemy will not cease to attack such a life. Join the Lord!

King David, a righteous, God-fearing man, a wonderful warrior used by the Lord, saw a woman bathe on the terrace of her house. One might expect him to turn his back and engage in something useful. However, as she was doing nothing, he noticed that she was beautiful, so she opened the window for the devil to come into her life (2 Sam 11.2). Seeing him, she must have smiled a little shyly, which added to the temptation.

On several occasions when David cried out to the Lord, the enemy was defeated. But forgetting that he lived in God’s presence and was a warrior of God, the king set out for another war, sensuality, lust and lust. If I had prayed, I would never have been involved with Bathsheba, and the Name of the Lord would not have been blasphemed!

How many of God’s servants wanted to put an end to the first temptation, but they didn’t, because they wanted to see where it would go, and they got it wrong? When you feel that something comes from the devil, know that no one is allowed to make a mistake. So do not take the fatal step; step back and ask the Lord for forgiveness, who has promised to be with you until the end of the age. The Father always honors His Word. What do you say?

The healing God will not tear you to pieces, but the devil who wants to beat you. Falling into your opponent’s hands will make you experience the worst of Hell, which will do everything possible and impossible to end you. Choosing to be with the Lord is the best option, because He does not hide any good from His faithful servants. Try, in your faith in Christ, to live God-pleasing, as the Scriptures prescribe.

He who sins becomes the devil’s servant until he recognizes before the Father who has wronged. When you repent, you will be forgiven; otherwise it will always be in the hands of the devil. No one can deliver the transgressor; only himself in sincere prayer, asking for forgiveness.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord, the One we have not forgotten! The operations of darkness make many forget You, but they will not surprise us. Because we know You as our God, we pray for those who are led by the fascination of riches.

It is good to have fellowship with You, to walk in Thy light and to do Thy will O Creator. We must consecrate ourselves now, for you touch our hearts. Those who attend you become happy forever.

We do not want to be in pieces, having sanctified parts, wrought by You, and others where You have not wrought. All that is within us must bless Thy holy and mighty Name. Help us to serve You!


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