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For I hear the slander of many; Fear is on every side; While they take counsel together against me, They scheme to take away my life. Psalm 31:13

If all people listened only to the Son of God and tended only to obey His teachings, we would have a righteous and just society, without violence and total respect for God.  They who listen to the Lord do not hear or listen to the devil and do not serve the desires of the flesh.  These trials only have their effects on those who do not know Jesus and have no pleasure in sanctity.  The saved have already crucified the flesh with all its passions (Galatians 5:24).

David erred when he heard the slander of many, but he later recognized this.  The sons of God, when they listen to the enemy, through those that serve them, in little time will be in despair as a consequence of this.  When they complain for any reason or about those evil things that occur to them, having self-pity, many do not perceive how much they err.  If something is not right for you, pray about this. 

Was it not due to their slandering that the Israelites wandered for more than 40 years in the desert? Haven’t many who consider themselves servants of God today also walked in the deserts of life for the same reason? When someone says anything against the Most High, they are taking sides with the devil in his project of destruction.  Furthermore, their bad example may take many who are dubious or in doubt to waver in their faith and be lost.  Don’t be responsible for the fall or loss of anyone.

The slander has a negative effect not only on those who are ready to believe in any and all curses, but also on those who are determined.  Those who pay heed only to the endless complaints will fall victim to them.  Due to their harmful nature in all ways, such commentaries weaken or destroy the strengths of those who listen.  The examples of those who slandered or murmured in biblical times must be analyzed, so as not to be repeated.

Because David listened to the complaints against him – and by extension against the Lord – he invoked the presence of fear in his heart.  Although he was a victorious warrior, he fell into the traps of the adversary.  However, on assessing the damages caused against him, he faced up to it and redeemed himself from the negative attitude he had developed.  Do the same!  Don’t consider the words of the weak; otherwise, you will shipwreck your faith!

After taking account of the consequences of his error and weighing that his attitude led everyone against him, David took a stand and placed the devil back in its place and consequently made amends with the Most High.  All that comes from the devil must be readily rejected and refused without any consideration at all.  If this attack reduces your faith, soon the demons will unite and come against you again.

The psalmist discovered that everybody had plotted against him to take away his life.  The simple act of listening to the slanderers led the most famous King of Israel to confess to be in crisis.  Cancel out now everything that tries to lead you away from the presence of the Lord.  Your liberty depends on your attitude!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Powerful Lord! We must be firm in Your Word, obeying and executing Your holy instructions.  Hence we will not listen to the propositions of the wicked as alternatives for living well.

We do not want to hear the slander or complaint from any person, so as not to be tainted.  After all, salvation in Jesus has turned us into people with liberty.  With Your help we will walk securely.

We care not how many are conspiring against us and coming to take our lives.  These acts will be frustrated, because You are our Shield and Your Name the most powerful weapon of all times.


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