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Your New Moons and your appointed feasts My soul hates; They are a trouble to Me, I am weary of bearing them.  Isaiah 1.14

One of the errors committed by the sons of God is to not read the Scriptures and meditate on them.  The lack of daily contact with the Word, even if the person knows it by heart, leads one to a distorted understanding.  Therein lies the danger! To compensate the lack of true communion with the Lord, some fall into useless habits like observing religious dates or following prescriptions from other religions.

In the days of the prophet Isaiah it was common in Israel to take offering to please God but He said that these things were useless and forbade them to do this.  They went from being true adorers and faithful to the Scriptures to a mysticism that angered the Almighty.  Their feasts no longer pleased Him because the purpose had been deviated.  They became like iniquity and were therefore no longer permitted. 


Even what they called solemn reunions was prohibited, because it angered God’s soul to the point that He could not stand them when they came before Him to “purify” their souls.  Everything that does not come from the Almighty, even if they were practiced in ancient times, becomes a counterweight to the holiness of the Lord.  This is why He could no longer accept this.  Whoever lives next to God knows what He wants. 

Why is it that the saved cease to seek the Omnipotent and biblical examples, and walk according to the counsel of men? When we read the Word, it guides us.  If we are in error, our heart wants to abandon the error and make right with God.  Therefore always listen to the voice of the Omniscient, who speaks softly in our interior and leads us to do what is good and right. 

Seek to make the Almighty come to you because He is pleased with your acts.  Be intelligent and obstruct the interference of the devil in your communion with the heavenly Father.  We need the daily presence of God.  This way we free ourselves of the evil that the devil has placed in our heart.  If we practice that evil we will be drawn away from the Lord. 

To be with the Lord is to live naturally.  If we eat something spoiled we will notice immediately.  Likewise if we are sincere with Him, when we do sin, the Holy Spirit will touch us.  Then we have only but to repent, seek forgiveness and cry out for Heaven´s help not to fall back into error.  Whoever is guided by the Spirit is a son of God. 

Being within the divine plan, you will extend your hand to the heavenly Father and He will reach out to you too.  However, if you do something forbidden He will have to hide His eyes from you.  If He sees you practicing iniquity you will be punished.  Cleanse yourself from all sin!

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord! We need Your counsel, because we do not want to do anything that separates us from You now or in eternity.  Our greatest desire is to live like Jesus lived, in total communion with You. 

We have practiced religious rules as if they came from You but we know and cannot deny that You do not accept what comes from men.  Therefore we have only to seek Your forgiveness and the necessary power to honor You.

Help us to be the people that You would like us to be: obedient to Your Word.  Then we would abandon worthless religious precepts.  We will be true and powerful blessings.  To You be the honor and glory!


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