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06/03/2022 - DRAMATIC FALL

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Then he went and joined himself to a citizen of that country, and he sent him into his fields to feed swine. Luke 15:15

The prodigal son arrived as someone who felt better than people. However, little by little, he dissolved his wealth, which he thought was eternal. When he noticed his resources dwindling, he was confronted by the news that a drought was ravaging that region. Therefore, the land full of goods, sins, and all kinds of easy living was doomed to suffering and scarcity.

The young man probably tried to do business, but nobody had any money left to buy anything. For this reason, he had no choice but to find a job, but even this was difficult. As the economy was going badly, businessmen were firing their employees and the number of unemployed people was increasing every day. Finally, desperate to survive, the long-dreamed position appeared. He would work feeding pigs. A great fall!

Financial crises happen in any economy, even in the family economy.  If a person spends haphazardly, he will soon run out of money to pay for his purchases. In the young man´s case, there was a great famine in the country, probably due to lack of rain. In these times, not only companies go bankrupt, but producers also stop hiring people, because without rain there is no planting

The person who doesn’t save a little money gets confused when misfortune strikes. Usually during times like these, friends are also in need. So those who have some financial reserves cannot dispose of them; if they do, they will suffer as well. It is difficult to blame friends who refuse to help someone in difficulty, especially if the person in need was living in orgies.

He must have asked God for help, since in a mysterious way someone called him to feed the pigs. He who boasted about his own possessions saw that he had nothing, and the best thing to do was to accept the job. The need of that young man was so great that he asked permission to eat of the food given to the animals, but this was denied. The person without faith in the Most High even thinks of suicide.

We don’t know what was going through that young man´s mind. Probably, the remorse was intense for having left his father’s house to “enjoy life” and get rich. In a situation like this, it is important to ask yourself why all the doors are closed. This can bring you the enlightenment that will save you. Those who have strayed from the Gospel should know this, for they have not acted well.

How many brothers are in jail today when they should be serving at the altar of the Lord, doing the divine work? How many sisters find themselves selling their bodies in a brothel, instead of being with their family? Why do people exchange the One who is the Answer to the world for the deceptive offerings of the wide door? (Matthew 7:13). Jesus is the solution!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares


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God the Forgiver and Savior! We cannot look at Your promises and do nothing. Away from You, there is only uncertainty about our future. It is unthinkable what will happen if we die apart from Your love!

The truth is: those who have turned away from You miss the time when You and Your mercy made them ask You for forgiveness. But some were weak and ignored the danger. Now they beg for the forgiveness they have despised.

You are the true God and take no pleasure in anyone's affliction. You want man to be reconciled to You, so that he can enjoy Your mercies, which are renewed every morning. Grant our requests to You in Jesus' Name!


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