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When they envied Moses in the camp, And Aaron the saint of the LORD. Psalm 106:16

Envy sprouted in the heart of Korah and soon spread.  He managed to corrupt Dathan and Abiram, and as is customary they were joined by 250 more Israelite men, leaders of the congregation, called together, men of known stature.  What they were pleading for was an end to the leadership that had drawn them out of Egypt, for they were filled with self-righteousness.  This may have happened because of the Israelite who was stoned. 

The Bible warns us to be careful, because the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour (1 Peter 5:8).  They agreed that Moses had already gone too far, but they thought that the Lord would lead and guide them.  They did not remember the time they had been in danger, the man of God had prayed and the ire of God was appeased and they therefore did not die.  To this day, this devil still roams and many obey him!

Many who do not fear the Lord are ready to find faults in the leaders that He anoints, not knowing they are blaming Him for not caring for His work.  In this manner, no doubt this person is moved by a spirit of error, and even trying to show themselves spiritual, if God does not intervene, they will cause great harm to the lives of the weak in faith, because  these  do not know if this comes from the Almighty or not. 

The one who rises up against the leadership of the church is seeking his own interest (Proverbs 18:1) and although he may seem charismatic and to be right, God will judge him for love of His work, and his fate will be tragic. Don’t go by what the devil offers, for who will stand when the Lord of the Church rises to action? That mutiny will not end well, nor will any other obtain success.

When Moses heard their reasons, he fell on his face.  The one who was called to be leader knew he had to be a servant to all.  He soon received the answer from Heaven and said to the rebellious: Tomorrow morning the LORD will show who is His and who is holy, and will cause him to come near to Him (Numbers 16:5). The sentence was pronounced but the mutinous did not perceive that they had gone too far and that judgment would be upon them. 

The following morning, the congregation was in suspense, and some were already leaning towards the rebels.  Moses told them to stay away from the tents of those three.  Their blindness was so great that they did not care.  Moses tried to convince but since the senses of the rebels were corrupt they did not move.  Moses said that if they died like all the others die, then God had not sent him (Numbers 16:29).  Their fate was sealed!

Then the Earth was opened up and swallowed them alive with their families.  The crowds ran as they saw this.  The fire of God descended and ate up the 250 who had joined the wicked (Numbers 16:1-40).  Never fight against Truth! Those who hinder the work of the Lord will have a very sad fate.  Beware of those who seek only their own interests!

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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Father! Deliver us from envy! The sin of those who listened to Corah was greater than we can imagine.  We pray so that no one who is saved be drawn to the devil, but consecrates themselves to doing Your work as was planned.  Mercy!

How and why we will cause damage or loss to Your house, hiding the bad intentions of our heart or our hidden sins? Deliver us from thinking about rising against Your government.  Your work can only be conducted and directed by You!

Those men were example to the others.  You showed them what would happen to those who foil or hinder Your designations.  Have mercy on the weak!  That they may not offer themselves to the devil and bring scandal to Your people.  Teach us to love You!


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and Serug lived after he begat Nahor two hundred years, and begat sons and daughters.
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