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But I am the LORD your God, Ever since the land of Egypt; I will again make you dwell in tents, As in the days of the appointed feast. Hosea 12:9

Despite Ephraim’s mistakes, God showed Himself to be a true Father by inviting him to change his way of living. This invitation to repentance is also addressed to us. The Lord knows that we are flesh, and there is nothing good in us. This was written 700 years before Jesus was born and defeated Hell to give us victory. Whoever accepts the Gospel, the work of the Lord accomplished on behalf of mankind, comes out from under the devil’s whip and is transported into the Kingdom of God (Colossians 1:13,14).

The Lord declares Himself to be the God of Israel since Egypt, where the children of Jacob lived as slaves for more than four centuries. However, the real slaves were all of us, dipped in error and wickedness. There is no denying that we were subjects of the hellish kingdom, because our way of living attested to that. However, having accepted Jesus as Savior, we were redeemed. Many still do not understand that conversion to Christ frees them from suffering (Ephesians 2:1-7).

Ephraim is the portrait of humanity today. This kingdom did not understand that it had rebelled against God. Now, when you refuse to live as the Lord says, you come under Hell´s command. The Most High is benign, has good character, and is our true Father. He invites you to receive forgiveness and power to overcome your struggles. Even though you have lived in sin, you can now be forgiven, becoming a new creation in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17). Take control of your life.

The Almighty claims to be your God from the time you were born, and over two thousand years ago – Jesus defeated the devil. Christ’s victory occurred for the benefit of all mankind, but because you didn’t know this before, the forces of darkness dominated your life and that of your family. The pain and problems you faced occurred because you did not know the Truth, but the Good News is that the evil one can no longer afflict you. By saying yes to Jesus, you and your family are saved! (John 8.36).

Those who refuse to listen to the Gospel, which is not religion, are mistaken. This word means Good News and announces the mission accomplished by Jesus, in favor of mankind. When you believe in the Bible, you are rescued from all evil. In Christ, you have power over the evil one and his wiles. This works immediately; just say yes to the Lord and be delivered. Repent, accept the Savior, and become a servant of God.

By sending you His special invitation, God has already done His part. Now, by not accepting such a blessing will make you join the ranks of the rebellious, who prefer affliction (John 3:36). The days of the disobedient are sad, because they refuse Life. Those who stop walking with God declare, in other words, that they accept sickness instead of healing; misery instead of prosperity; confusion instead of peace. Poor life that leaves the Spring of Living Waters to live in perdition for eternity. Come back now!

The Most High reminds the Israelites who abandoned Him that He would still make them dwell in tents, in the simplicity of life. It is clear that to remain without God leads one to draw closer to the evil one and to stay away from the Lord and the good things in life. The wide gate offers all kinds of attractions, but we need to have the Lord as our goal. Jesus is the Good Door! (Matthew 7:13,14; John 10:9).

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord ever since Egypt! We suffer for nothing because we don't know that You are already our God. This means that the moment You sent us the invitation of salvation, we were already Yours. For lacking this knowledge, darkness dominated us!

However, today we make the decision to be Yours, and no longer slaves to the evil spirits - who bring disease, misery and other evils. We want Your light and all the blessings that Jesus has bought for us. From now on, we are Yours!

We assume the authority You give to Your children and rebuke the hellish forces that attack and hurt us. Your Son paid the price for our fall. We must believe what You say and show. Then, we will have faith to return to Your Kingdom of Good!


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