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Like a flitting sparrow, like a flying swallow, so a curse without cause shall not alight. Proverbs 26:2

Good things have already been determined by the Lord and will happen in the lives of those who believe according to Scriptures. Bad things shouldn’t even exist, but because of Adam’s sin, the devil brought evil into our homes. Since there are people who don’t watch and pray, the enemy has found servants who will cause evil to spread around the world. Lord have mercy!

Everything God created is good, and man, made at the image and likeness of the Creator, is responsible to make hidden promises come to light. By meditating in the Word, we’ll understand what the original plan was, and life on earth will be better. The Lord planned for man to live here without a problem, but after sin happened, the devil had access to the world.

No bird has ever gone to school, but God has given birds the ability to fly wherever they want without much effort, taking advantage of the hot currents. That’s how the Most High created them! Because of Adam’s sin, we were born limited. That’s why we must go to school to learn things (except the knowledge of God, which is in the Bible).

The swallows know the time to migrate, when they leave the northern hemisphere to go south. They fly over eight thousand kilometers, fleeing from winter. The Creator placed this instinct in them. Year after year they won’t deviate from their route, but go to the same place where they will find what’s necessary to survive: water and food. They also know when to head back.

In the spiritual world, demons that carry curses know they can’t enter the life of sons of God unless they’re given permission from people who sin and deviate from the course of heaven. May we be vigilant so we won’t fall into temptation, just like Jesus taught (Matthew 26:41). All the time, agents of darkness come with their temptations and many are fooled by their lies.

Those who guide their lives by the Word of God will never be victims of the enemy. To the contrary, they will have power to cast him out! People who don’t have time to read the Bible don’t understand the risk they’re running. If they fall into temptation without having time to repent, they’ll be condemned to eternal torment. There will be no second chance. Be wise and make things right with the Most High right now!

To obey the Lord is to close the door to those who are sent by Satan. People who don’t take the opportunity to be saved and who won’t listen to the Master’s voice, will run out of hope before they know it. Their cry will echo in the lake of fire forever: “Why didn’t I pay attention to the voice of God?”

In Christ, with love,

Dr. Soares

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God of the future! It is wonderful that You are the Lord of our future, because by knowing what will happen to those who don’t repent, You can help them do it and teach them to live in a sober and honorable way!

To love You is to know Your commandments and to keep them. That’s when You will bless us with salvation. We come to You to confess that we are in great need, because we don’t want to get lost! Hold our hand!

May Your mercy and Your power come! They will give us the value and the glory that have been prepared for us. We don’t want to live without Your fear and Your presence. Help us to live before You! 


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