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Solomon did evil in the sight of the LORD, and did not fully follow the LORD, as did his father David.  1 Kings 11:6

Whoever acknowledges something wrong, but insists on it, sins consciously, and that is horrible (Hebrews 10:26-31). God is pleased with obedient children, who say no to evil offers and stand firm in His Word. The Lord helps those who set out to keep His ordinances to the end. Our works should be done in praise to the Lord, for what He does for us, for the protection He gives us, and for the understanding (Colossians 3:17,23).

Why do some people choose the path of disobedience and live as if God is not the Creator of all things? Well, because the Lord made us in His image and likeness, nothing can overcome us (Romans 8:31-37). He does everything for us, as long as it is good and kind and has some virtue (Philippians 4:8). Today, through our ministry, God reaches out to bless the lost who is thirsty to get right with Him. Faith in Christ unites us!

God’s Word warns us that we become servants of him whom we obey (Romans 6:16). Consider this as a serious warning. It is not normal for someone to want to be the devil’s slave, but by accepting something from him, his servitude becomes real. King Solomon was tempted to do that which was forbidden and did not react by rebuking the evil spirit; therefore, in his old age, the enemy took control of his life, making him his agent. Stay alert!

It is important to persevere in following the Lord, for He came to give us life in abundance (John 10:10). Solomon should have acted in this way, following his father’s example. However, because he chose to act wrongly, he began to worship false gods, and this increased his distance from God. The sign that someone serves the devil is when he sees no error in the divine prohibitions.

Solomon, who should have imitated David by obeying the Lord, but did not do so, but rather approved the hellish things, falling into the arms of the devil (1 Kings 11:9-13). Therefore, in the days of Rehoboam, his son, the kingdom was divided in two: the Southern kingdom, called Judah, and the Northern kingdom, which kept the name Israel. All divine revelations will happen, because the Word does not fail (Matthew 24:35). Watch and pray, so as not to fall into temptation.

Our greatest Example is Jesus, not David. If we think of the God of Jacob, of David, or of any prophet, we are limited to the revelations they had. Since God is the Father of our Savior, there will be no unsolved problem, no incurable pain or disease. What we receive from Him comes by understanding the Word. Declare without any fear: “In Jesus, I reign over all evil” (Luke 10:19).

For many years Solomon had the fear of the Lord, but over time he lusted after the women who came to him, interested in hearing his wisdom or for some other reason – and he sinned. Whoever loves Jesus becomes an overcomer, but if they take their eyes off Him, they will fall into the devil´s temptations. What will you do?

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord, our Model! We do not want to be servants of the enemy and do evil. We desire to walk with Your beloved Son, who taught us how to take the first steps in faith. Thus, we will stand firm in Your ways!

Why displease You, if we want to be holy? Doing what pleases You is the best attitude, persevering in following and serving You. We were made in Your image to give You joy. Thank You, dear Father!

Woe to him who does not honor You; he, in turn, will not be honored either. When we please You by doing good, we are rewarded. Our greatest desire is to obey You in every situation. Thank You for making us Your children!


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