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The total number of chief officers of the mighty men of valor was two thousand six hundred.  2 Chronicles 26.12

It doesn’t matter how big the nation is, but if the Lord is the Strength of that place, for He will do the work and defeat the opponents of that country. So it happened with the small kingdom of Judah, that when the king was faithful to God, he did not lose a war. The opposite is also true. If the people boast about the size of their land, about the power they have, and do not fear the Most High, they will see their defeat before a small contingent. Believe!

In the days of Uzziah, the kingdoms around Judah gave up their evil intent, for they could do nothing against the chosen people. This proves that it’s worth serving the Lord. Whoever has the Almighty as his Help is never lost when facing threats: God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble (Psalm 46.1). In the Most High, we can rest safely!

When he counted the number of the heads of the country, brave men, Uzziah learned that he had 2,600 men. Now, this was more than enough for them to go to war in the certainty of victory. They were all good people, prepared to give the enemy the answer he deserved for being wicked. Thus, the king was able to make the Philistines stand still, for as they rose up against Judah, they saw that Judah was the victor.

The leaders knew how to train their soldiers, making them disciplined and capable of giving the answer to the neighboring nations, so that they understood that the Israelites would never be defeated. There is no way that the people commanded by the Lord can be defeated. In the same way, today we can count on Heaven’s help. Even if the adversary comes with all his might, he will lose the battle.

The Philistines tasted the weight of the Israelite arm. Then the sons of Jacob defeated the Arabians of Gur-Baal, who felt how strong God was towards His own. Then the Meunites were defeated in the same way as the other opponents. The heavenly Father needs servants guided by His instructions. Those who trust the Most High will be better prepared. Listen, pray and follow divine guidance!

In any situation, never turn away from the Almighty, for He is the Man of War and delights to guide those who are obedient to His Word. Uzziah had Zechariah, who was used to God’s visions and advised him as he heard from the Lord. Because of this, Judah overcame his enemies. At each victory of King Uzziah, the other nations trembled, because they served strange gods!

Whoever embarks on any adventure, without the advice of the Omniscient God, is walking to lose. Even if he tries hard, he will see that there is no way to win by himself. When Israel was at the Lord’s feet, they never lost, but returned with victory in their hands. God is faithful to His children!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of the brave men! We can never forget that You are the main element in our struggles. As our Commander, You will guide us through the battles. In all of them, we will succeed!

We thank You for teaching us to fear You and to obey Your commands. We give Your advice our full attention. Our opponent, on the other hand, cannot even gain Your favor because he doesn’t love You with all his heart.

The heads of the fathers of the 2,600 men were intrepid. Therefore, the army they led was the victorious one. Lord, give us Your power and Your guidance to never dishonor Your wonderful Name. Father, we thank You!



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and Serug lived after he begat Nahor two hundred years, and begat sons and daughters.
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