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so that even handkerchiefs or aprons were brought from his body to the sick, and the diseases left them and the evil spirits went out of them. Acts 19.12

The anointment conceded to us by the Lord is not less than that which He gave Jesus.  God anointed His son with  the Holy Spirit and power to go anywhere practicing good and healing  those oppressed by the devil (Acts 10:38). The Savior gave us orders to preach the Gospel and to use His power to do the same works as those He did.  However, if we do not believe in Jesus’s words, we will consume our days in the mission behaving like those who say they are God’s but are truly not. 

We will have wasted power for not observing the Scriptures.  If we do not show the lost how we are different from the leaders of other religions, how will they know and realize that the Gospel is the Truth? Why insist in preaching what doesn’t work and knowing that one day we will be accountable for our deeds before the Master? Many are waiting for the arrival of the servants of God. 

When people complain of the difficulties of preaching the Gospel it is necessary to understand that God’s work is not story telling but the work of demonstrating His    power. To preach without the signs is to deceive people.  Imagine if Jesus had not used the authority of the Father to heal the sick, deliver the oppressed and demonstrate all sorts of workings never seen before!  Would the crowds have followed Him (John 6:2)?  The Gospel is the power of God!

In those days, the entire region of Ephesus was stirred up due to Paul’s missionary efforts.  The other religious leaders were frightened as day after day they saw their temples emptied as the crowds converted to Jesus.  Some enviously assisted the apostle’s meetings and paid attention to what he did in order to gain riches at the expense of the oppressed.  However, those who did do this were exposed, ashamed and demoralized (Acts 19.13-17).

Today, in the Church of Christ, there are lacking people who live the Word.  Those who take years studying in the seminars should spend some time with the servants used by the Lord.  This would do a tremendous good for the Gospel, and then these people would not complain of the bad days or of the people who only think of material things, for example.  If the Truth is not preached, no one will be delivered; consequently will not be converted or attend a church.  Seek the power!

There is no substitute for the Gospel announced in the power of the Holy Spirit. There are churches where the people are very charismatic and understand all about the Bible but still commit many sins and live a life of suffering.  On the other hand there are cases when the Word is ministered, demons begin to manifest even in the church officers and these leave the way of error and return to the Lord.  God is the same today!

In Ephesus, even Paul’s handkerchiefs and aprons were taken to the sick.  In this way the illnesses fled and the evil spirit would leave and the people would congregate to worship God.  Everyone was delivered.  Where this is done in modern days undoubtedly the work of God is carried out with tremendous success.

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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Father! Why don’t we carry out the mission as Jesus taught us, if this order is in the Gospel? What You taught Your Son was fulfilled and this way Your work was tremendous in Your days. 

Some pastors complain of the low attendance in churches, but do they preach the true Word? Alas, many have no interest in Jesus because the Gospel is not announced as it should be.  The Truth brings freedom!

Revive these lives, Lord! We must be servants and not lords of the congregation.  You have the power to take the lost to an encounter with Your Spirit.  Have mercy and renew them!


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