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Though they say, ‘As the Lord lives,’ Surely they swear falsely.”.   Jeremiah 5:2

When they are not at peace or in conformity with the Word, it is common for people who know and respect it to confess things that seem apparently befitting the Lord, but which are actually far from Him. This was in the days of Jeremiah, when the inhabitants of Judah practiced all kinds of sin but refused to give up their origin. They did not live according to divine dictates, but confessed that they were the property of the Lord.

Appearing the form of what God says without having the essence of no use. When the kingdom of evil gets permission to circle someone, if one is hesitant in the faith, their suffering will be long. Jeremiah’s cry for his nation was not heard. For the kind of life they led, the inhabitants of that place would suffer the horrors of Babylon, which would soon execute justice in them.

Believers who are led astray by the lies of the enemy and do not seek the Lord are deceived. Then, when the evil one touches them, they start quoting the Bible, as if it would deliver them. He who falls must soon repent; thus darkness will not bind him. Otherwise, no matter how much you claim the Scriptures, the desired deliverance will not come. We will be servants to the one we serve!

There is no mystical power in the Father’s promises, but the truth to those who love and live them. See where you have fallen and how much you have despised the offerings of the Most High. When your trial begins, it may be late. This is the opportune time to get rid of temptations and get right with the Lord. If you need to move away from the one who causes you to sin, do so soon. The responsibility is yours!

To speak as if you were a servant of God without obeying Him is like swearing falsely. Many have no right to claim the presence of the Lord in their lives because they are living outside the biblical standard. When you need the hand of the Lord, you will find that you have awakened too late. Check how you have been and become, in fact, committed to the Word.

Job only got the victory, because he awoke to reality. He was wrong not to analyze what his faith was like, because there was fear in his heart. That was the door for the enemy to enter. But when Job adjusted with the Most High, He made it easy for him to get out of error and return to being a protector of the Omnipotent.

Why live far from God if He is your Shield? If we despise Him, we will be struck by the arrows of the evil one. Return to the arms of the Father, who will grant you forgiveness. That way the devil won’t be able to touch you anymore. Be firm and follow the voice of the Word. You will see that no harm will come to you, nor will any plague come to your tent (Ps 91.10).

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord, Knower of hearts! In Your presence we confess our faults. We no longer want to take any steps away from You, but to walk in the certainty that we are in the New Covenant made in the blood of Jesus. Forgive us!

If we turn away from You and lose Your protection because of our mistakes, it brings us to Your shelter and refreshes our soul, for we want nothing from the enemy in our lives.

We want to declare your promises in the certainty that not only will you bless us and welcome us under your wings, where there is a safe place to live. For the sake of Your Son, forgive us! We are grateful that you give us your love and your peace!


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