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Then Isaac called Jacob and blessed him, and charged him, and said to him: “You shall not take a wife from the daughters of Canaan.  Genesis 28:1

The issue of the birthright, with its blessing, was already settled. After all, justice has been done! In order to fulfill God’s promise, the battle was now different. Isaac knew that Jacob would have to marry. But if he did as his brother Esau, the blessing could be compromised. By his deeds, the first born proved not to be a good man. In addition to disrespecting family directions, he married women of other peoples. All this caused great bitterness for his mother, Rebekah.

Imagine if Esau had been one of Jesus’ ancestors instead of Jacob? Esau not only showed no submission to his parents, but also to the heavenly plan regarding the salvation of mankind. Our luck depended on Jacob’s attitudes even as to who his wife would be. The struggle between the brothers was so serious that it began in Rebeca’s womb. However, the Lord had already decreed that the greatest would serve the smallest. Therefore, this was given the name of Jacob: supplanter. Hallelujah!

Esau’s threat to kill his brother as soon as their father died spread to Isaac. So the patriarch called Jacob and blessed him to go to Rebekah’s father’s house and marry one of Laban’s uncle’s daughters. He acted promptly and walked toward Padan-aram: Plain of Aram, about 750km from Beersheba. With Isaac’s blessing, Jacob walked on hostile but safe ground.

When he sent him to that region, Isaac commanded him not to take a wife among the daughters of Canaan. If he did not follow this direction, his off spring would be created without the anointing and knowledge of God. With this, the plan of redemption for humanity would be undermined. Our children receive the salvation we have attained and the same mission given by the Lord, so they cannot stray from the Way.

Isaac was aware that Jacob would be the heir to the blessing from Abraham, which would accompany all the descendants. Similarly, what God has done to us must be passed on as an inheritance to our children. Future generations must do the same so as not to interrupt the plan of the Most High. Many things will still be revealed!

Since we are part of the Body of Christ, we must teach the Truth to our descendants. So when they are starting a family, which is natural, they will do the same with their children. We are not of the world, so it is unnecessary to worry about what we will eat or wear tomorrow (Matt. 6:25), or to be tempted to live in a prosperous country without receiving a command from the Father. He will take care of us!

The important thing is to be obedient to God, without getting involved in the brightness of the world, because everything passes, including unbridled desires. He who does the divine will shall remain forever (1 John 2:17). Before making any decision, make sure it will separate you from Christ’s love or be part of the plan of redemption.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Heavenly Father! What would we do if those who were called to be part of Your plan had loved the world? Everything passes, but whoever fulfills your will shall not regret seeing the end of the world!

We are grateful that you have enabled the patriarchs to live for you. Thank you also for the seven years Jacob served Laban for Rachel's sake. Although deceived, he served his father-in-law for another seven years.

No matter the struggles we go through and the bigger ones we may face. Your eyes will never be taken from us. That way we'll get the victory on the final day, when our accounts prove we were right, because we didn't meet the devil!


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and Serug lived after he begat Nahor two hundred years, and begat sons and daughters.
(Genesis 11:23)


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