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So the LORD sent fiery serpents among the people, and they bit the people; and many of the people of Israel died.  Numbers 21:6

The Israelites felt entitled to blame the Lord for keeping them in the desert, but the territories with good housing conditions were already occupied by other peoples. They were not in their land because they had made a decision for themselves. Even living in such inhospitable places, they were guarded by divine power. The Hebrews did not get sick, nor did they need water. They were protected from everything.

But suddenly, poisonous serpents began to emerge everywhere. With this, the congregation was alarmed, because whoever was bitten soon died. That plague was decimating the families. There were probably several types of snake, and that would be a tragedy, because each one has its poison. Currently, although medicine is advanced, a serum is needed for each case.

This was 3,500 years ago, when there was no antidote, and the medicines of the time were not as efficient as today. So how to treat people bitten by different snakes? The people fell upon themselves and saw their misconduct: speaking against God and Moses. Now this kind of evil attack continues to occur. The moment a person or a group sins, the devil seizes the breach, and no one can stop it. Therefore, watch and pray!

The Israelites were wise in relating the evil that was afflicting them with speaking of the Lord and His servant. Then they prayed, confessed their error, and went to the man of God to ask his intercession. The person who does not seek out the heavenly Father and whom he has assaulted with insane words, nor does he agree with the offended, continues to suffer the oppressions commanded by Satan. You must repent and confess your iniquity!

The fiery serpents killed many people and would continue to kill until they decimated the whole camp if the people had not sought the Lord’s servant and repaired themselves with God. As long as sin is envolved, the transgressor will be separated from the Most High and unprotected, being the victim of the devil’s poison. However, by telling and leaving the error, this individual again has divine cover over his life and is therefore protected.

We are living in a difficult time, because with the open propaganda of TV and other media, sin has become attractive and the turning away from God has become real. People are attacked by temptations in various areas of life and submit to the forces of the evil one. No doubt many are bound by the demon of lust, lust, and others.

He who is wise should serve the Most High with all his heart, leading his family to do their best to do the divine will. The senseless enjoy observing the events at the broad door and thus live under the yoke of the enemy. Do not heed your flesh, for all that comes from it is enmity against the Lord (Rom. 8: 7). Only God’s friends are protected.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Merciful God! That camp would be decimated by snakes in a short time if the parents had not recognized the sin and got right with You. Mercy to us who live in these bad days!

We have spoken and done bad things, and invited evil spirits to help us enrich, have more pleasure, and find a solution where there is none. Only You are the Gateway to any crisis. Thus, we plead for Your favor.

It drives away the spirits of suffering, for they cause us various evils. We desire to love, have, and keep Your commandments, but we yield to temptation. Forgive us, keep us, and give us Thy kindness!


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and Serug lived after he begat Nahor two hundred years, and begat sons and daughters.
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