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I have commanded My sanctified ones; I have also called My mighty ones for My anger – Those who rejoice in My exaltation.”  Isaiah 13:3

God did not save us and sanctify us so that we just sit and do nothing, enjoying a quiet and peaceful life. We need to be spokesmen for His Kingdom, announcing to everyone the message of complete salvation – soul, body and spirit. Only the sanctified can evangelize certain that they will succeed, because the devil will not hinder their progress in the work.

We were sanctified in the Word, which created all things in the material and spiritual world, in order to fulfill divine will in an unlimited and blameless way. Sanctification prepares the Lord’s representative to defeat the forces of evil. Never accept any offer from the enemy, because if you consent to the evil one, you will contaminate the temple of the Spirit – your body (1 Corinthians 6:19). Be careful! 

The Most High gave you of His power for you to do something with it. He would never grant such virtue to someone incapable of using it. Regardless of the position the person takes in the heavenly Kingdom, God will anoint them; after all, they are a member of the Body of Christ, thus, will be useful for carrying of His plan. 

We are brave men and women chosen by God, even if we feel incapable to fight the battles that deliver the sinners from the kingdom of darkness and heal the sick. Divine wrath will be poured through us and vengeance will take place as it was promised. The Lord does not change His decisions. Having foreknowledge and being love, He does everything that pleases Him. 

Since the garden of Eden, its as if the Creator has a knife going through His throat, just waiting for the day He will avenge for the loss suffered when sin entered the world. The boldness God grants us distinguishes us from the others. When the anointing comes, we act like Barak, who went to the feet of Mount Tabor to fight Sisera and Canaan´s army and chariots, and the Most High defeated them (Judges 4:14,15). 

Our exultation with divine majesty stands out in the eyes of God. Even if the enemy is fully armed, those who have the Lord as Commander will never fail to take part in any fight. Now, in the wars to which we are led by our Father, we do not have to fight, but believe we will succeed. Remember: He gives victory to His people. Halleluiah!

The Most High wants us to go out into the world, preaching the Gospel to every creature. Our battle is spiritual, therefore we know we will come back victoriously. Our General has already shown that He knows how to lead us to victory when he destroyed Pharaoh’s army in the Red Sea. Amen!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Oh God! We must present ourselves to obey You, for we know we have come to Your Kingdom for such a time. Fulfilling Your will is beyond any interest.

Thank You for calling us brave men and women whose obligation is to carry out Your wrath against sin and other hellish works. We have nothing from ourselves that You can use, but, because You know everything, use us according to Your plans.

We rejoice with Your majesty, with the power of Your Son's Name, Jesus. With Him, we will fight to glorify You. Lord! The day of our redemption is approaching, when You will take us to Heaven!


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