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30/01/2019 - FLEE THESE THINGS

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But you, O man of God, flee these things and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, gentleness. 1 Timothy 6:11

The temptations that bring the desire to get rich fascinate people. Some people do not feel the slightest shame to break the law, and when they realize it, they are doing all sorts of wrongs things.  He who is of God must flee from every sort of evil that can lead him to eternal torment. When a demon manages to enter someone’s life, he invites other spirits worse than him to dwell in that life. Mercy!

The Lord instructs us to flee from any temptation and to pursue righteousness – the enforcement of His Word. There will never be condemnation for those who keep the commandments. But for those who reject the guidance of the Scriptures, there will be an overflow of sinful offerings. Now, the things offered by the devil may seem harmless and normal, but if you taste any of them, you will become a subject of the kingdom of darkness.

Piety is respect for the affairs of God, such as holiness, the practice of good works, life on the altar, and complete obedience to biblical precepts. This is easy to achieve, for the divine power will work in favor of those who are willing to live far from sin. However, since we are still living in the flesh, which is inclined to evil, we must strive not to allow the passions for what is forbidden to speak louder than the fear of God.

Those who know the power of faith live free from wicked influences and know that this is the best way to please God. However, many people do not realize that it is necessary to resist the suggestions of the devil and therefore, they live poorly. The enemy is able to make some people feel ashamed to publicly declare themselves to be of Jesus. Now, the Lord has said that He will deny before the Father those who deny Him before men (Matthew 10:33). This is so sad!

Following the love of God will make you live under His protection. Whoever has the commandments and keeps them will prove that they love Him, will be loved by Jesus and the heavenly Father, and will have the Savior dwelling in them. It is such a tremendous benefit to obey everything that the Lord has commanded, both the precepts of the Bible and those He speaks to us personally, like the call to do something in favor of His work. Be faithful!

Patience is a virtue that will win us our soul. In this world we will have afflictions. If we allow ourselves to be carried away by them, we will later find out that everything was caused by the devil, so that we would turn away from God and become easy prey in his clutches. So, whenever you face any provocation, be patient and steady. Thus, you will get rid of the traps of the evil one. Victory is yours!

The Holy Spirit tells us to follow meekness – to bow down to God. Whoever chooses rebellion places himself in the group of those who are dominated by the spirit that became the devil, when he rebelled against God, and therefore has his condemnation confirmed. It is to worth to submit yourself to God!

In Christ, with love

R. R. Soares

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Lord, our Counselor! Why despise Your counsel, since only they will do us good? When You instruct us to flee from the fascination of riches, You show us the right way not to fall into temptation.

We want to follow Your righteousness, the true way to live happy and to give a good and effective testimony that it is worth doing good. Then happiness will be within our reach. We want to walk with our head held high whenever facing the worst challenges.

Faith is a shield capable of quenching the fiery darts of the evil one. With Your love, we will live in such a worthy manner that no one will find reproach in us. If we remain patient, we will win the battles and, with meekness, we will please You!


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