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28/09/2022 - FOR MY SON ONESIMUS

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Appeal to you for my son Onesimus, whom I have begotten while in my chains  Philemon 1.10

Paul’s struggle to save Onesimus was greater than we think. Had he not gone to Rome, the runaway slave would have ended up lost in the world and for eternity. God’s servants need to spend time in prayer, fasting and hard work in order to rescue some from eternal fire (Jude 1.23). This is the mission of every Christian: to strive for the lost to be rescued. Then, Paul made an effort to get Philemon to receive the fugitive as a brother in Christ.

Paul speaks with joy about Onesimus, whom he sired in his prisons. His way of expressing himself teaches us the importance of winning lives for the Kingdom of Heaven. Man usually sees only what is of interest to him, in order to solve his problems. However, Paul – although he was the man who shook entire regions with the power of God, and the last one was Malta, the island of his shipwreck, when he led the inhabitants to Christ – now speaks of the slave he led to salvation (Acts 28.1-10).

The apostle didn’t let glory go to his head, thinking himself as an illustrious figure, unable to care about the poor slave, considered an asset of a wealthy person. Now, we are surrounded by the needy and oppressed, who sometimes have nothing to eat or wear; lives wasted in the most various and depressing mistakes. We must give ourselves to them to save them, because their souls are precious.

The value of the human being was shown by Jesus. The Redeemer, being one with the Father, having the universe to be cared for in the smallest details, left the glory of being co-regent with the Father and came to save you and me, through His death and resurrection (Philippians 2.5). He simply could ignore us, but showed us the size of His love and our importance in His purposes. The Lord would never abandon us, because He is good and merciful.

We must care about the “slaves” of indecent practices. Many deny their gender, wanting to be something not meant for them by their Creator. Little do they know: this desire is Satan’s voice. Such have the right to know the Truth in order to be set free. Onesimus represents anyone dominated, outraged and used by the devil. All need to be led to deliverance.

For the apostle, the jail that took away his freedom to come and go, to be respected as a citizen of the world’s greatest empire in those days, reducing him to a prisoner of Jesus – was a blessing – for in it he brought salvation to yet another soul. Let me ask you: “How many souls have you been winning for Jesus?” If the answer is: “None” – you are included in the group of the most miserable, because you think only about material things and forget to multiply the minas (Luke 19.14-26).

Are you waiting for the Lord to send you to prison in order to understand the value He places on a little one with no rights? Today, let the Holy Spirit use you, for Christ gave His life for sinners. He saved us for us to engage in His mission, the noblest in the world. Win souls for the Kingdom!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of the prison that sets free! We don't know if Paul understood that his imprisonments were for his good, whose purpose was to lead to You someone worthless, destined to work for his master without any reward!

We need to wake up and value a soul shrouded in transgressions. We have earned the privilege of proclaiming the Gospel to the lost. A prerogative that, as Peter said, was denied to the angels. Father, what are we doing with this?

We plead for love, mercy and forgiveness, for we have become the most miserable, to the point of living only for our own well-being, when others die without hearing the sweet message of salvation. Have we been channels of blessings? Mercy, Lord!



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