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The Lord is for me among those who help me; Therefore I shall see my desire on those who hate me. Psalm 118:7

There is no more blessed fact than to know that the Almighty is with us. We must remember that our accomplishments are more important to God than to ourselves, for as Lord, He wants to see His servants behaving better than King Solomon’s. Just as the Queen of Sheba’s praise made David’s son happy, the Son of God wants to rejoice over us.

Consider those who help you as gifts for your accomplishment, for the Lord is among them. Don’t let the devil convince you to find flaws even within your friends. Only the Father is perfect. So, help them to grow emotionally and spiritually. Somehow, you will be collaborating for your own betterment. 

God is with you so that your actions will mark those who know you. Those who disagree with the melody that pleases you have the right to do so. Life would not be beautiful if everyone praised the Creator in the same way. Variety is a divine gift, so that we can exalt Him with precision. Do not oppose or counter the other’s ability to see things differently.

Look at how good the Lord was in creating colors and shades in nature! He did all that so that we could refer to it as an example of perfection. Listen to the birds singing, the sounds of animals, the multitude of languages spoken in the world and the other various works of the King of the Universe. They are all samples of the divine power. He is glorious and is with us, to help us understand the greatness of His creation!

Our desire for those who upset us must be pure. We also hope that those who turned away from the Gospel will return to fellowship with Christ. If you had distanced yourself from the house of the Lord, you would certainly be happy to know that the saved would be cheering for your return to the pleasant, good and perfect will of the Father. Be His servant continually and an example to others.

If the Father is good, the son must be good too, and that pleases the Creator. He wants to see us redeemed; therefore, have mercy on the lost. Pray and help them do that which is good again. Then, those who helped the devil to destroy their neighbor will be by your side to help you to arise, thus, others will also rise.

May your wishes be those of God! Follow the purpose from on High. Thus, you will be rewarded by those who will see how ready you are to do good regardless of who they are. We live so much better when we love others. Allow the love of the Lord to flood your soul, and everyone will reach out to you.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God with us! We need nothing else, except to fit into Your wonderful plan. Then, we will live well and make everyone give You true praise. Thank You for helping us with this task!

We want to see the world as You see it, and not as the devil shows through the chaos that he establishes in the lives of the oppressed. We can only help You to do good to those You created for an abundant life of joy and fulfillment.

Help those who help us to achieve the purpose You had when creating us in Your image and likeness. Like Jesus, we want to walk everywhere, conveying the powerful message of deliverance to the oppressed.


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