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25/02/2022 - FOREVER A SERVANT

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Now Joshua the son of Nun, the servant of the Lord, died when he was one hundred and ten years old. Judges 2:8

The Scriptures refer to Joshua, son of Nun, as a servant of the Lord even after he died. Those who serve God with integrity of heart never cease to receive this title, even if they are in Heaven. Jesus spoke about cities that will be given to those who love Him. Perhaps this may have been said figuratively, but the important thing is that His children will be received in Glory and will remain there (Luke 19:16-19). Look forward to that beautiful day!

While we are here, if we face problems and struggles, we can be sure that the Lord will never leave us. If the trial be strong, apparently endless, trust in the One who has never denied His Word. Jesus is the same forever and works on behalf of His own with joy and willingness, in order to make the person who believes in Him a winner (Matthew 28:18-20). He is good at what He does!

Joshua lived a long time and did a job that perhaps, no one else had been prepared to do. This warrior started with Moses from the beginning in Egypt and saw how God used his leader. For this reason, Joshua did not fail to observe how the “one taken from the waters” led the people, addressed the Creator, and treated the people. Every good student can be a good teacher.

Joshua was not a superman but a servant, like the one who brought the holy people out of Pharaoh’s captivity. He certainly witnessed Moses being accused several times by the Hebrews of having brought them out of Egypt to die in the desert. But this man patiently waited and persevered until the Lord told him that they would be free at the tenth plague (Exodus 11:1). Everything that God says happens!

Joshua’s burial was like anyone else’s. However, those who were used to write about it gave exact details of where his grave was. Be observant of whatever God allows you to see or know, for nothing should be forgotten. With the Most High teaching you how to do His work, you will learn to be the leader in the mission given by Him. The Omniscient One prepares whom He sends!

Joshua’s body was carried to the border of his estate, and since he could no longer sow or harvest in his land, they planted him in it (Judges 2:9). Timnath Heres (portion of the sun), on the hill of Ephraim, received the one who fought with all his strength until the end. There, he would rest in his fate! When Jesus returns, this saint will be resurrected on that place and will join the saved who will live forever in Heaven.

Persevere in following the Lord, so that you too may be with those who have loved God to the end. Never think of leaving this Way (John 14:6), for there is nothing on Earth worth your perdition. If you are not yet saved, take advantage now and surrender to the Savior. If you are already part of Christ’s family, remain faithful. Whoever loves Jesus will be rewarded!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, Keeper of our life! It is good to know that our death is precious and cared for in Your sight (Psalm 116:15), so we will not fear to go anywhere in this world. What matters is that we are where You have commanded us, doing Your will!

Your work is our nourishment. Your command is the signal for us to move forward and announce to mankind the message that changes lives and brings hope and comfort to those in great tribulation. Let us never put off for tomorrow what we must do now!

Thank You for Your call to follow Your Son. Walking with Him is more than an obligation, it is a great pleasure! Let it be said of us that we love You forever. You are everything in our life!


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