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01/06/2020 - FROM EVIL TO GOOD

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For thus says the Lord of hosts: ‘Just as I determined to punish you When your fathers provoked Me to wrath,’ Says the Lord of hosts, ‘And I would not relent, Zechariah 8:14

The rebellion of the Israelites made God allow evil to afflict them. They had everything to live in wonderful peace and prosperity, but forgetting Who had taken them from captivity, they gave in to sin. Nothing irritates the Lord more than seeing His people distant from Him. As with the sheep that moves away from the flock and falls into the clutches of the wolf, so does anyone who leaves the security of the presence of the Most High.

Jesus’ obedience on the cross showed that God has good plans for us. The Savior is the reason that divine mercy is great toward man. He made no effort or fled from what awaited Him at Calvary. Being obedient, He gave Himself and took our punishment upon Himself. Today God does not think of leaving us in the hands of the enemy, even though we have sinned, because He thinks of His Son suffering in our place.

The church should be aware that all rebellion brings due punishment. So, as much as the devil says some sins are revealed by the Lord and necessary in some cases, don’t believe that. The evil one only wants to steal, kill and destroy people’s lives. Therefore, we must give ourselves to the Lord completely. To fail to do God’s will is to say no to His goodness and to accept being tortured by darkness.

After leaving the mountain of Hor, the Israelites surrendered to trouble and paid dearly. They had to be carried away by the Spirit of the Lord, but suddenly the uneasiness seized their hearts. Now we must be aware that this can happen to us. The devil strives to take us out of the presence of the Most High and arrest us, acting against our life and eternal happiness.

When we make mistakes, God does not regret applying His righteousness for our good. Therefore, walking according to biblical precepts is good and necessary. The devil will always give you, or anyone, something that will hurt you. So open your eyes and don’t let him plant your lies in your heart. Seek the peace and love of God when tempted. With the Lord, the suffering goes away!

The Lord loves those who love Him, and whoever seeks Him will find Him. See if you are honoring the commandments, or letting the evil one invade your life with the wrong things. The person approaching another married woman is not there by chance, but as a servant of sin, in order to lead the other to eternal separation. Be a servant of God in service, and when you feel any temptation, get away at the same time.

Do not waste the work done by Christ. God wants to keep the promises recorded in the Bible. Be firm in your walk with the Lord and get away from every sin offering, because behind it is the cunning Satan, trying to get you out of communion with the Father. Confess your mistakes and change your life!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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One and Only God! You tell the truth, which will never be canceled or ceased to be fulfilled. Therefore, we must become Your apprentices and grow more and more in Your grace and goodness. Thus we will overcome evil.

We do not want to be rebellious like Israel of the past, failing to do your work and fearing the threats of the enemy. We need to respect your direction. Wherever we are, you must be with us. Not even our death can separate us from You.

We thank you for fulfilling in Your Son the penalty of our separation. Each day and at every step, help us to live closer to You and do as you please. In Christ our Lord we love you.


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