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And saying, “Men, why are you doing these things? We also are men with the same nature as you, and preach to you that you should turn from these useless things to the living God, who made the heaven, the earth, the sea, and all things that are in them, Acts 14:15

The priest of the temple of Zeus, which was in Lystra, was amazed when he saw what Paul and Barnabas did. Along with a multitude of mystic people who heard the news of the healing of a man with a crooked foot, the priest said gods had turned into men and came to them. Because of that, he wanted to honor them with sacrifices and to crown them with flowers, as a way to express his gratitude.

We know that Paul and Barnabas didn’t accept the “honors” because they weren’t gods, but rather, servants of God. They had been sent to help people to come to know the truth and be freed by it. Because they followed the Lord, they couldn’t allow those people to be worshippers of the devil, who was fooling them. 

Immediately, Paul stood up before the people and said that wasn’t true, it didn’t come from God. His first declaration was to ask why were they doing that. Then, he explained that Him and Barnabas were there to lead them away from foolishness, which were nothing but vain thoughts. That should be our message to all who don’t yet know the Gospel, the good news!

We should have only one purpose in life: to help people repent from the sins they committed against Christ. We are not in a competition to see who has more followers. Our fight is different: to lead the lost ones to understand who the Creator is and to prepare them to live in the kingdom of light. We are at war against the forces of darkness that oppress and destroy them.

In this journey, we should never offend anyone, no matter the reason. Although many people are partnering with darkness to harm others, we know they’re being fooled by forces of darkness, and that’s why they need love and respect. We must show them the power of God in action and warn them that they should surrender to Christ, or they’ll end up in hell. Without love, it is impossible to testify of the Truth.

We should always be vigilant in the mission that God gave us, even when we are misunderstood. Unfortunately, some people have been fooled for generations. When we bring someone to Christ – the first one in a family, for example – we should rejoice, because that person is very important so others will accept the law of freedom. Don’t look to bad circumstances around you, look to the Lord!

The God who made the heavens, earth and sea, and everything in them, will be with you and deliver you from every trap. His will is for you to be healthy, to thrive in everything and that your soul would be prosperous (3 John 2). The Father truly loves you; love Him too!

In Christ, with love,

Dr. Soares

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Lord! Your servants faced a great battle in Lystra. As Your representatives, they used Your power to restore that man’s perfect health. You are not a God who’s distant. In You we exist, we live and move. Thank You for everything!

The priest of Zeus, in his ignorance, didn’t understand that Your power was there to rescue the people from that city and region. We should use Your authority to show people how much You love them! Help us!

Paul was desperate when he realized him and Barnabas were targets of a pagan homage.; they supplicated to be spared from it. Those people had no idea that only You should be praised and receive our gratitude for the blessings!


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