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The wicked wait for me to destroy me, But I will consider Your testimonies.  Psalm 119:95

People who sell themselves to the devil live differently from us because they follow his wishes. Some may seem like our friends, but in fact, even though they strive for it, they can’t, because those who rule their hearts hate us. When given the opportunity, the evil one will use them to bring us down. If they make a deal with you, they will not be shy about making dishonest proposals, which will hurt you.

We should not despise them, but deal with them with some caution. When they propose something filthy, we should immediately show our obedience to the Scriptures and refuse to do what they want. Our testimonies can help them get rid of condemnation by delivering them from the fire. However, if you need to have contact with any of them, be watchful and pray so you won’t be tempted.

The hope of evil men is to destroy us. Our success burns in them like gangrene; after all, they cannot admit that the Most High is by our side. May the Lord have mercy on those who give themselves to wickedness! Their future will be of great suffering, unless they awaken to the great danger they are in and convert to the Savior. Expect nothing from sinners, but from God, who can use you to save them.

The key to resisting the evil impulses of people is to listen to the divine testimonies. The Bible contains what is necessary for us to be free from those who have given their body and soul to the devil. Only the power of the Lord, who comes to us through keeping His Word, can prevent the wicked from imprisoning us.

The statute of holiness is vast, filled with good advice, and each of them can keep us standing up. It is almost impossible for us to recover someone who continually acts dishonestly toward the Almighty, but everything is possible for Him. Then we can never say that such a person will not attain divine mercy, because the Holy Spirit works day and night for it. To him be the glory!

Do not associate yourself with the devil in condemning the transgressors to eternal torment. Though they have harmed you and spread false rumors about you, God’s love is great and you can forgive them. If they are sincere and assume the forgiveness that is offered, they will again be a blessing in the hands of the Omnipotent. Do not forget that the Lord is long-suffering and kind.

Start today by researching everything about God’s statutes. Know that healers can lead you to restore the health of your body and your wounded soul; holiness will turn you into a different servant. Being in the hands of the Lord, you will be blessed. Heavenly Father wants to work in your life!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father, my true Hope! Unlike the wicked, I seek Thy good will, because I do not want to turn away from You or lose myself forever. May Your Holy Spirit convince me of sin, righteousness, and judgment. Hallelujah!

Have compassion on those who have already communed and had good times with us, but now they are far from Your ways. May Your hand straighten this life, leading it to come closer to You and repent of sins.

Teach us your statutes. Thus we will never fall into the traps of those who have strayed from Thy paths. May Your hand cover us, protect us, and help us fulfill Your will, honoring and glorifying Your majestic Name!


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