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20/09/2019 - GATHER WITH JESUS

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He who is not with Me is against Me, and he who does not gather with Me scatters. Luke 11:23

Seek to understand God’s plan for you and do not let it slip out of your hands. Therefore, it is necessary to cooperate with the Lord, paving the way for Him to operate. The Most High is ready to disarm the strong man, who in “keeping” your life in the three areas – soul, body and spirit (Luke 11.21), considering you his belonging. The devil is the strong man who struggles to have you in his clutches. Do not despise the battle waged by the Almighty in your favor.

We must be one with the Lord, who, besides being holy, can do everything. He is our Father and wishes the best for us. His actions are planned and performed on behalf of mankind, whom he created in His image and likeness. The plan of man’s rescue came after the devil deceived Adam and Eve. God soon began to put His work into practice, which was fulfilled in Jesus, His Only Begotten Son. Now, would He despise us? No!

Now, he who despises the gift received from God does not gather with Him and, strangely, collaborates with the enemy to bar people from entering the Kingdom of Heaven. The person responsible for losing someone will pay a high price, because the life of this person is so high. Honestly, one cannot understand the disregard of some believers regarding evangelization. Be careful not to scatter with the devil!

There is no neutrality in the spiritual world: either one is with the Lord or with the enemy. It´s so sad to see someone who accepted Jesus as Savior lose the fear of God. Certainly this person has returned to the devil’s arms. We must live according to the Lord’s plan, to be able to enter the Heaven of love and peace. The choice of many not to follow Scriptures will lead them to everlasting punishment!

When the Israelites became afraid of the Philistines and began to abandon Saul, Saul became desperate and decided that he would offer up a sacrifice, and soon afterwards, Samuel arrived (1 Samuel 13: 1-14). Whoever did not keep his position was responsible for Saul´s attitude, who lost the crown some time later. Whoever collaborated so that the king would do what was not his obligation will grieve at Judgment. Live in obedience and you will not be ashamed!

Those who cause scandals to the work of God, who deceive themselves with the enemy and try to justify themselves with unscriptural excuses, are described at the recommendation Jesus gave: but woe to that man by whom the offense comes! (Matthew 18:7c). Let us always remember: we have been saved to do the divine work, so we must remain steadfast to the end, watching and praying lest we fall.

Where did Demas go, who served God along with Paul, but forsook him, loving this present age? Why did he decide to give a bad testimony, instead of consecrating himself more and more, to also be used by the Most High? Now, many have been in our midst, but they turned away and followed their own irresponsible heart. Others went to men’s court to take advantage of their neighbor. Is eternal damnation worth it?

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord! When You came to us, giving us the command to do the work, You were gathering us together with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and others who were also called to be part of Your people and be faithful until death, without fearing the devil!

We are the seeds of patriarchs, children by adoption in Jesus Christ. Those who deceive themselves with the world will see that they were foolish enough to despise You. Then, where will they go at the resurrection of the Last Day?

Let none of my readers fall into the enemy´s tale, nor walk on the road of error. We ask for mercy so that we may always gather with You. When temptation is near and strong, come and deliver us, because we do not want to fall!


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