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“Let your waist be girded and your lamps burning; Luke 12:35

This verse talks about the Christian’s preparation as he takes up his post in the Lord. This is so important, for without the God-given armor for combat and the light of the Word illuminating your spirit, you will be defeated in war (Ephesians 6:10-17). Now, once we fight for the Kingdom of God, we are sent out to return victorious. Our mission is to destroy the works of the devil, so be prepared to always triumph!

No one wants to fight, but the greed of the prince of darkness invades lives and destroys as many as possible. However, since we have been clothed with authority over the evil one, we can and must act as accordingly to the Father´s instructions (Luke 10:19). In battle, it is impossible to compromise; so, carry out our Commander’s orders. He has commanded us to preach the Gospel to every creature and has empowered us to conduct ourselves according to biblical rules (Mark 16:15).

In this battle, you don’t kill anyone, but we can save everyone from eternal damnation. This is the best and most worthy work we can do in this world, for if we do as we have been instructed – we will save lives. The Master has already stripped the devil of the authority which he stole from Adam and with which he oppressed us. Now the adversary comes with his lies to deceive us, just as he did in the garden of Eden with Adam and Eve (read Genesis, chapter 3). Be alert!

There is no room for doubt within the divine commandment. If you doubt, you will give evil the conditions to oppress you more and more. From the moment you hear the Truth, you must stay on the perfect path. Holiness is the special garment granted by the Lord for us to be untouchable in the battles fought in His Name (1 John 5:18), in order to glorify Him.

The Bible warns that we are at war with the forces of hell. So don’t allow the enemy to put any uncertainty, sinful desire, or negative feeling in your heart. We are begotten again in Jesus to fight the Lord’s battles, so that His will may be done here on Earth and in Heaven. Soldiers of Christ must be unencumbered with the affairs of this life (2 Timothy 2:4); otherwise, they will not bring glory to His Name.

By revealing something to us in Scripture, God lights our lamps – lamps that will never go out. The divine light in our soul gives us clarity of what has been written, so that we may be overcomers. For this reason, be fearless in going where you are sent to do what you have never seen or heard, but which is in the Bible for you to honor the One who recreated you in Jesus. Be a faithful servant!

Whoever has his loins girded by God is clothed in righteousness and holiness. Thus, you can walk in the furnace heated seven times more than usual, because Jesus will be at your side (read Daniel, chapter 3). The lighted lamp will show you the footprints of the Messiah. So, you will be able to put your feet where you have been prepared, so that your steps will be like His. No timidity or fear (2 Timothy 1:7)! These spirits were never given to the children of the eternal Father, who is good.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Beloved Father! How many lives have been tried and faced various sufferings, so that we could do Your work with mastery. There is no regression in the mission that You have given us to accomplish, nor will it be accepted. Thank You, Lord!

Today, we are also tested in difficult ways. So, when it is our successors' turn, they will be able to give with praise the testimony that they have overcome, just as we see happening in our lives. To You be all glory!

Thank You for girding our loins for the battle of faith, which sets free the oppressed and loosens those bound by sin and failure. In You we are more than conquerors, for great is the power You have given us. In Your Name, we set free those held captive by the devil!


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